I'm a pretty quiet guy, and tend to spend a lot of time indoors, either on games, or working from home. A lot of the time, as I am Super-moderator on my friend's (known as Tricrokra) site, TBBS, I spend a lot of time keeping the site in shape and up to date, so please check it out;-


The Legend of Zelda series- Absolutely AMAZING. Breath of Fire I-IV, as well as Final Fantasy X. Dragon Quarter has not lived up to my expectations of the series.I am also into certain sports and video games in general. Not to mention Michael Jackson is my idol, and has been since childhood.
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Review: Breath of Fire III - Breath of Fire III

Dec 29, 2002

Overall, it is a great title to add to your Playstation collection and makes a good rival to other RPG contenders such as the Final Fantasy series etc. Many gamers will enjoy the Japanese style fantasy worlds, which puts you in the shoes of Ryu,...

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