Hope to see you around the forums. =)
you sign mine so i'm stamping you back

Hope you like the stamp

Sorry i havnt been on.
Thanks for signing my GB . ur stamp is cool.

PM wenever u feel bored lol.
thanks 4 signing my guestbook, srry no stamp
ill make one soon
bye *stupid minimum length* dfsjvghdufvhpw9hvfwu9rehf9uwehfuwrhgfu9rgf
You are awesome for liking Peach.

Peach club rulz!

If there's online in Brawl we have to fight other people with our Peach Power... like a Peach clan
Hey thank you for everything . I have to sign becuase you are really sweet and cool.


I kind of don't know how to... But my neofriend Pet Dreamer made mine so you should ask her.

Oh, here's a stamp:

credit goes to pet dreamer

thought id sign your GB

hey thought id give ur guest book some puppy power.......cute eh?

sign back^_^