Oct 6, 14 9:37pm

Gba is still debatably my favorite handheld, so it's very sad to see him retire but it's great he... read more

Sep 13, 14 12:54am

quote THM
I haven't used my 3DS for months...
*pats on back*
I know your pain.

Well with super smash... read more

Sep 12, 14 6:16pm

If it was another MGS collection, I'll still buy it.

Sure I already have a collection, plus extras... read more

May 31, 14 5:39am

Mmm, I would just like a simple port of the game as is to newer consoles, it would take time and... read more

May 30, 14 2:32am

I was so excited to see this news picture on the home page.

A new hope crashed so quickly. D: read more

May 29, 14 6:57pm

The commercial was worth it, I've been affected deeply by it. read more

May 28, 14 12:10am

Payday came to mind when I was reading this article, and then I get to see the reference.

I'll be open minded. read more

May 26, 14 9:27pm
likes leochan's Neoseeker news: Sony plans PlayStation push into China, hot on heels of console rivals
May 23, 14 9:40pm

I'm pretty happy to hear this update period. ^.^ read more

May 23, 14 6:08am

"There is no happiness within the soul of Link, they say. Only green tunics."

That was so deep.

I'm... read more

May 22, 14 10:52pm

This seems pretty kool.

hehe, just imagine the ending about the baby and teddy bear going for a... read more

May 15, 14 8:41pm

Sexism is a two way street but with a huge double standard in the middle to divide it.

Generally... read more

May 15, 14 7:18am

If the game developers decide to make a game that upsets you then just don't buy/play it,... read more

May 15, 14 4:10am

That "sexism is over comic" was a bit funny.

Oh, kind of forgot about the game.
Meh. read more

May 12, 14 8:26pm

Well we may share different sentiment towards it but I love your news title, Author.

It's so corny... read more

May 10, 14 3:47am

quote Drogo Baggins
quote rpg
quote Drogo Baggins
I'm just glad this isn't Mighty No. 9...

read more

May 10, 14 2:04am

quote Drogo Baggins
I'm just glad this isn't Mighty No. 9...

yet... *maniacal laughter*
Don't jynx us please. D: read more