Mmm, I would just like a simple port of the game as is to newer consoles, it would take time and... read more

I was so excited to see this news picture on the home page.

A new hope crashed so quickly. D: read more

Payday came to mind when I was reading this article, and then I get to see the reference.

I'll be open minded. read more

"There is no happiness within the soul of Link, they say. Only green tunics."

That was so deep.

I'm... read more

This seems pretty kool.

hehe, just imagine the ending about the baby and teddy bear going for a... read more

Sexism is a two way street but with a huge double standard in the middle to divide it.

Generally... read more

If the game developers decide to make a game that upsets you then just don't buy/play it,... read more

That "sexism is over comic" was a bit funny.

Oh, kind of forgot about the game.
Meh. read more

Well we may share different sentiment towards it but I love your news title, Author.

It's so corny... read more

quote Drogo Baggins
quote rpg
quote Drogo Baggins
I'm just glad this isn't Mighty No. 9...

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quote Drogo Baggins
I'm just glad this isn't Mighty No. 9...

yet... *maniacal laughter*
Don't jynx us please. D: read more

quote Ze_Monsieur_Conquistador_Le_Fancy
Or befriend the spiders. Be gentle to them. Make them...
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A spider's nothing a boot can't handle, and a bunch of high pitched squeals.

Manly squeals. read more

quote Ze_Monsieur_Conquistador
"Spiders (the studio, not the arachnids)"

didja really hafta let go...
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quote Drogo Baggins
quote Avalith
Sadly the new super studio decided to just drop Neversoft's name...
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*Never hits the infinity wards*
*Never was one for Wards*

maybe they should have tried adding some... read more