Kamaleon rokea
Jan 31, 13 10:32am
Excellent service
bigkevkelsey rokea
Jan 28, 13 9:30am
Smooth transaction, couldn't ask for better service.
GoodbyeRoB47 rokea
Jan 25, 13 12:38pm
Sold Rokea my account great communication, fast transaction, trustworthy seller.
dvotje rokea
Jan 19, 13 12:25pm
Finished a 3rd transaction with Rokea, again fast service and great deal.
way2cool rokea
Jan 18, 13 1:32pm
Great communication. Smooth and easy transaction. Thank you :-)
Jadekub rokea
Jan 18, 13 10:35am
He buy my account and make the easiest transaction and legit, will do business with him again
pigpenwe rokea
Jan 16, 13 10:05pm
thx for being trustworthy and fast, I was a 1st timer and now I'm a lifer
cardmancoll rokea
Jan 16, 13 10:00pm
Great seller! Very friendly, smooth and fast transaction! Thank you again
Procurian rokea
Jan 15, 13 8:17pm
I was selling an account on ROB and this guy was the easiest possible person to deal with!
thefrijo rokea
Jan 15, 13 8:01pm
legit, quick, and efficient

first purchase on neoseeker, was slightly worried, and definitely will do business with again
Azelikh rokea
Jan 14, 13 3:33am
smooth transaction, dealt with all my problems as a first time buyer. Excellent guy at the other end.
dvotje rokea
Jan 13, 13 12:11pm
Already vouched for this seller before but will do it again.

Bought more from him after that and everything went smooth.
Recommened him to several order members and they are very postitive also.
MrWonderful rokea
Jan 12, 13 8:02pm
trustworthy buyer. Worry and hassle free! Hope to do business again.
lep rokea
Jan 10, 13 7:41pm
It doesnt matter what side of the deal you are on, this is who should be on the other side. Buyer, seller, he is quality and completely trustworthy. VOUCH!
jts2119 rokea
Jan 10, 13 10:33am
Smooth transaction. Friendly & trustworthy buyer/seller. Great communication. Pleasure doing business with you!
ropauljr rokea
Jan 08, 13 12:18pm
Honest seller and makes the transaction easy for a first time buyer! Recommend rokea as a great seller!

Thank you again!
Jinz rokea
Jan 05, 13 9:30pm
Hey bro!

Thanks for the purchase, this guy is reliable and fast. Things were settled within 5mins or so... ^^ smooth awesome deal..

Thanks again!
Scarless rokea
Jan 05, 13 9:27pm
Execellent person to work with, very trust worthy, friendly and responsive.
Killgrave rokea
Jan 04, 13 2:55pm
got back to me rapidly and was very helpful!

Thanks again!
Gavstar rokea
Jan 02, 13 10:44am
awesome guy, very helpful to a newbie like myself, very quick, smooth and trustworthy
jgbentz rokea
Jan 01, 13 1:25pm
Thank You Excellent Service will purchase again!
Skull6954 rokea
Dec 30, 12 7:21pm
Very patient buyer. Works very well and great communication. Recommended to all for future dealings.
Hamadryad rokea
Dec 30, 12 10:24am
Very responsive and very nice person. Clear and patient with people. Would recommend doing business anytime of the year and would be my first pick to buy from / sell to.
Cautioner rokea
Dec 29, 12 11:25pm
Thanks for a nice easy transaction. Will do business with again!
BGreen rokea
Dec 29, 12 9:56am
Rokea was a great seller - very knowledgable and accommodating. Would buy from again!