HIME_meaw ripple0129
May 18, 13 7:30am
Buy 1000HP from him for first time. Smooth Transaction and very fast. TYVM.
Towerofpain ripple0129
Apr 26, 13 6:44am
just sold rip 3500hp just wanted to say your the best Rip thanks agin
i_mine_rage ripple0129
Apr 23, 13 8:30am
fast transaction! sold 4k hp
Darkknight6666 ripple0129
Apr 10, 13 10:21am
Just sold 960 hp to ripple. Transaction went fast and smooth. Most reliable buyer/seller ons this forum i think!
Joseme93 ripple0129
Apr 7, 13 11:59am
Just sold 1203 HP and 572 CW to Ripple. He is a great buyer and payment was almost instant after I provided my account details.
Mario5800 ripple0129
Apr 5, 13 10:35am
Fast and reliable
Flog ripple0129
Apr 2, 13 9:23am
Great fast service, highly recomend! A+
opticsn0w ripple0129
Mar 30, 13 2:00pm
Sold HP. Quick and Easy. Super Fast. Defn recommend!
SeiraSunara ripple0129
Mar 30, 13 6:16am
Great service. Will definitely come back again.
Nubsor ripple0129
Mar 29, 13 5:47pm
Will do business again.
Siyana Talador ripple0129
Mar 25, 13 9:10am
As always, it's a pleasure doing business with him, will definitely do so again in future.
Ragingmario ripple0129
Mar 21, 13 11:52am
Everything went well will buy again!!
cvlai2000 ripple0129
Mar 21, 13 7:43am
really thanks you for fast transaction.. just from 500hp today
prince_0f_persia ripple0129
Mar 19, 13 2:06am
was very patient with me and very professional.

sold over 8K hp to this man and was paid INSTANTLY!

i would definitely recommend to a friend, and would definitely do business with him again.

Two thumbs WAAAYYYYYY UPPPP!!!!!!!
antony84 ripple0129
Mar 18, 13 10:43am
Great buyer, really smooth and fast transaction A++++
antony84 ripple0129
Mar 18, 13 10:41am
Great buyer, totally smooth and fast transaction
thefrijo ripple0129
Mar 17, 13 2:50pm
would work with again, very helpful and fast
bebo ripple0129
Mar 16, 13 5:58pm
I'm an old-school player and neo brat who was here during the early days of ROB. Few people get my full vouch, but this sir here gets it not only for punctuality, but his generosity. Please buy from him!!!!!!!
bimbim18 ripple0129
Mar 14, 13 9:04am
Was skeptical but after checking his guestbook took a chance with him, it didn't seem to be a 'manufactured' guestbook like some of the offers i was recieving. Does what he says. I let him into my account he only took what he was paying for and sent paypal instantly. Very happy with the smooth transaction.
antony84 ripple0129
Mar 8, 13 1:25am
Bought over 1500 hp and never had any problems. A++++++++++++
L-sama ripple0129
Mar 4, 13 9:52am
And very helpful and patient for that matter. You can definitely trust ripple0129 for your HP needs unlike the dozens of scammers lurking on this board. A+++
L-sama ripple0129
Feb 27, 13 2:05pm
Extremely patient with me and very responsive. If you want great service, definitely hit him up.
doctordirk ripple0129
Feb 12, 13 6:45pm
Thank you. You made the process really easy and was done far faster than I thought it could be. Great seller/buyer. Would recommend and/or do business with again.
Justmer ripple0129
Feb 11, 13 9:11pm
A phenomenal seller.
Balick ripple0129
Feb 11, 13 9:30am
Sold 4700+ hp to him, very trustworthy