I was looking through Digitial Portfolio and just happened across yours accidently. Though nothing appears there now, it made me remember you Sarah.

It's been several years to say the least, I can't even recall the last time I even saw you around. You probably don't even recall who I am these days, lol.

I was way too immature back then, but time has made me into a better person. One of these days, you should hit me up so we can talk. Btw, you might remember me as thegreatone1506 among other random names. I used to post in the FFVII and FFVIII forums back in 02, when I was actually active here.

Well hope to hear back from you one these days.
Gary rinoa_leonheart
Apr 13, 07 3:41pm

Thanks for joining the FF8 trivia tournament and Good luck!

Personal message for Rinoa_Leonheart: Stamping your guestbook with your own graphic, how cheap am I huh? Well you better win you know you want that romantic evening with me!
DragoniteBallZ rinoa_leonheart
Oct 7, 06 8:31pm
Yes I do!!!!! Since when did you come back.....?
Demon Goddess rinoa_leonheart
Sep 30, 06 5:48am
Sarah you own at life. You WIN The Game. The Man can't hold you down, oh no. You're probably saying "orly?", well, Sarah, "yarly".

We both got stuck in pretty crappy situations. Both of our guys failed at life. They LOST The Game. You aren't even asking "orly?" to this because we all know it's true. However they became popular and crap now is beyond me but it doesn't matter because we are way above them. We've really worked through our situations together and it's been totally excellent having you for support.

Actually it's kind of funny our similar our lives are. I totally want to hang out with you sometime though, that would be the sweetest thing ever. We could make fun of certain dickfaces together while celebrating your (er hopefully ours xD) new amazing guy.

God dammit Sarah how did you get like a freaking hot muscular beach lifeguard that treats you like a princess? Honestly, what the hell? I'm so jealous xD You two would make the prettiest babies on earth, the pictures of you two make me aol (aww out loud).

Yours is definitely a keeper.

We're amazing. Everyone bow to our excellence and soon you will find yourself unable to escape our grace.

So I'm going to pee now. Stop putting out, whore. xD
Demon Goddess rinoa_leonheart
Feb 21, 06 7:12pm
I wanna be the first to sign after your big return XD
*insert intense orchestra music here*
Anyway I <3 you for like 500 different reasons and I'll list them all some day and take up a few pages here listing them all but for now.
You rock my rock hard world hard.
timgta2002 rinoa_leonheart
Oct 25, 03 3:56am
you dont know me and i dont know you but i am singing your guestbook anyways. i hope you have a nice day.
Ineedhalp rinoa_leonheart
Dec 25, 02 2:47am

Sign my guestbook if you havent already, please(see, I'm Polite).

Or you will face my wrath.
and such. ah character limit, i despise it. lets see will this do it?
kidsister rinoa_leonheart
Nov 25, 02 9:39am
To the greatest and sweetest neo-daughter anyone could ever want. *Big Hug* I am so proud to be your neo-mom. And you and Gary are such a good couple. You have my blessings. Long Happiness...
BoF4Master rinoa_leonheart
Nov 17, 02 3:42pm
Sarah, you have been fragged by the computing penguin.

HiToKiRi_BoY_BaTo1 rinoa_leonheart
Oct 30, 02 10:10am
Your guestbook is now up by 500 cutie points.

Keep Smilin'!!!
El Juako rinoa_leonheart
Oct 16, 02 5:39am
hey i just wanted to say hi so i signed your guestbook, i really like your avatar and your writing is so cool .
well i see you around, have fun.
MegadramonX rinoa_leonheart
Oct 10, 02 3:23am
I can tell you're cheery and happy. Your posts are full of positive things and it cheers me up whenever I'm in a gloomy mood. I'd be happy to leave you with y smiley stamp. Have a nice day!

redraven rinoa_leonheart
Oct 8, 02 5:05pm
Hello Angel Rinoa! I wore my shit-kickers today(boots) and I'm ready to teach some punks a lesson!!

I'm so happy to be your Neosis and co-angel. We are going to have a blast!

Your bud,
Gary rinoa_leonheart
Oct 6, 02 1:15am
I'm not sure how many times I've signed this now 2 or 3 maybe? But It's impossible to say everything in one entry. Anyway I just want to say how much I love you and how much I look forward to our first meeting out first kiss and I just know once I hold you in my arms I'll never be able to let go. I love you^_^
Aggro rinoa_leonheart
Oct 2, 02 7:00am
Hi Sarah!

I was kinda bored so I thought I'd sign your little book

I'm really glad i've made your accquaintance, and I really enjoy talking to you. You are a very beautiful person, inside and out. Gary is a lucky guy .

Anyway, it's fun talking to you. catch you later
Captain Bitch rinoa_leonheart
Oct 2, 02 3:27am
hi, my name is captain b, nice to meet you . nice to meet you:)
i am a prada addict! i'm also a rapping bear.
and i'm a good colorer, i've got colring books full of my dope colorings. well okay i gotta go. bye!!!!
Amourette rinoa_leonheart
Oct 2, 02 12:07am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
BoF4Master rinoa_leonheart
Sep 24, 02 10:14am
Hi Sarah! I've seen your name pop up here and there around Neoseeker, but I'm glad I finally got a chance to speak with you. I hope your relationship with Gary goes well. You both have my very best wishes, you two seem like a great couple, and I hope you two meet each other someday!

From: Mike Campo
seeker rinoa_leonheart
Sep 15, 02 12:48pm
HIHI...welL, herE iS youR neO bRO..coS I signeD youR guestbooK...anD yoU signeD minE, sO iM herE tO sigN youRS>...errmm......thaT waS a bIT confusinG...neveR minD, sO thereS thiS chaiN oF guestbooK signinG goinG oN betweeN uS? HAHA...hopE ouR socceR dreamS geT truE...botH oF uS iN thE nationaL teaM...HAHA......anwaE, hearD youR goinG ouT witH garY..hE tolD mE thaT..hEHE>...donT worrY, yoU twO arE meanT tO bE...sO jusT enjoY yourselveS...HAHA>..thatS biG brO's advicE tO yoU...j/k......BTW, jusT enjoY lifE...livE wheN itS alL worthwhilE YeP, thatS all...HEHE>..TatA, signinG ofF now littlE neO siS(not literally)...See you

Seeker Dues Leonex
XsLashEr325 rinoa_leonheart
Sep 10, 02 2:17am
Hey Rinoa, how are ya. I had a long talk with Gary and it seems that you two were probably meant to be. Well, good luck to you, that mans got alot of heart and he's going through the same things as me so cheers to you two and best of luck.

Defusion rinoa_leonheart
Sep 9, 02 2:55am
Hehe, nice to see you stick up for ol' George Bush too! You seem cool and all, so I just figured I'd sign your questbook .
note: you are talkin' to the one and only eminem fanatic!:_hypno:
Laria rinoa_leonheart
Sep 8, 02 11:13pm
Hey I've seen you every once in a while so I just wanted to say hi by signing your guestbook. so hi!!! I love your avatar!! cya round!! laria ^c^
DragonKohr99 rinoa_leonheart
Sep 3, 02 9:36pm
have fun with gary,lol,ummmmmmmmmmmmm...thats about...it,er i guess...i need to buy some time to fill up minimum length,dam!o well

seeker rinoa_leonheart
Aug 25, 02 3:47pm
HellO therE littlE neo-sisteR...ummM...maybE noT sO littlE...eH...neveR minD...eH...iTs beeN quitE a lonG timE sincE i signeD youR guestbooK...eH...canT thinK oF whaT tO saY...uM..oH yeaH...hoWs yoU beeN doinG? foR someonE aS hypeR aS YOu, hereS mY advicE...STAY AWAY FROM CAFFEINE!!! thaT reminDS mE...i aM aS hypeR aS yoU, sO I shoulD aLSO stAAY awAY froM CAFFEINE TOO!!!
yeeeE...iM lamE...i thinK I shoulD stoP noW...iF noT you'D saY Im askinG foR troublE...hehE..IM ofF noW...buaI

LovE yoU likE a brO...
Rinoa_l rinoa_leonheart
Aug 9, 02 3:55am
Hey there Rin,
i'm aware that we didn't really get off to the best of starts, but like you said: lets just put it behind us and be mates^_^
anyway, you seem pretty cool and i hope that we can keep in touch and stuffs^_^
See ya babes, Love,