Maxi_m revolver_ ocelot
Aug 23, 06 1:23am
just wanted to say hi
I don't know what to say now, but I have to reach the 125 characters...
Boy do I like this....
luffyluffy revolver_ ocelot
Jul 15, 06 11:30am
this is a random signing

Sanji and Zoro The Some What Best of Friends

Sanji and Zoro The Best of Rivals

sign me back ps i dont support ZoroXSanji Ok!!!!

Luffyluffy Signing Out
Fluidity revolver_ ocelot
May 16, 06 2:34am
Here's my favorite Kakashi stamp! Hope you like it!

InsanityS revolver_ ocelot
May 15, 06 3:48am
Can't believe I forgot to stamp here. -_- Well, I'm here now.

It's great to talk to you, both here and MSN. Now, here's my stamp!


See you round.
vanillagigglez revolver_ ocelot
Apr 29, 06 8:04pm
I have no stamp. La la la. Im'a write you a song! =O


It's real cloudy out,
I want to run about,
Or find someone to clout.
Instead I'll do nowt.

hey, thank for sign my guest book. Well here your man. yea i seen you in the forum too my friend. by the way nice to meet you revolver_ocelot.
Vapour Snake revolver_ ocelot
Feb 14, 06 5:37pm
Happy Valentines Day

Hopefully everything went your way on this day. And maybe you even got lucky today. But that's none of business, any way have a great one.

Jimbo3 revolver_ ocelot
Feb 11, 06 10:19pm
hey man saw you online so i thought i would stamp you

Freeze revolver_ ocelot
Feb 11, 06 5:43am
Just signing because I felt like it

Robert Ninja revolver_ ocelot
Feb 7, 06 12:46am
So thanks for signing my book thing. It means alot. I guess I should return the fave.I can see by your name you like MGS. Hehe me too. Well I guess I'll see ya around.
Paineh revolver_ ocelot
Jan 23, 06 7:06pm
finally signing your gb lol, well here you go k there are too many lol.

Tengu revolver_ ocelot
Jan 16, 06 4:42am
Searching for the cure for soul's demise
Reap the tears of the victim's cries
You'll need more to kill the suffer of a
Brother demon, that's a purely wonder
Kill before the time, kill them all==
See you around, remember to sign back
Take care
Vapour Snake revolver_ ocelot
Jan 15, 06 10:45am
You have just been a Victim of Vapour Snake. I have seen you around the MGS3 Fourms alot so this is for you. Quick you need some anit venom, other wise you will...
BigBoss00 revolver_ ocelot
Jan 15, 06 9:00am
Hey revolver_ocelot! Seen you around the MGS3 Forum so I thought I'd sign your guestbook.

Major Rajkov revolver_ ocelot
Jan 11, 06 3:29am
Thank you for signing my book. Here this for return.
SilentScream revolver_ ocelot
Jan 10, 06 4:41am
I'm sorry I didn't sign earlier, I didn't have any good stamps so I'm going to do so now! Thanks for always PMing me, sorry I'm not too social. >.<

Sosai X revolver_ ocelot
Jan 10, 06 3:32am

Thanks for signing my oh so empty G-Book.
In return I have this for you:

Ali is hawt.

Take care, cya around the forums!


Don Sciogliere revolver_ ocelot
Jan 8, 06 5:30am
Hi, thanks for signing & like promised have a stamp

~See you around the MGS3 Forum ^^

Echo revolver_ ocelot
Jan 7, 06 6:29am
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook, so I'll return the favour by signing yours. Anyway, I'll see you around the MGS3 forum. Take care.

MAD_DOG86 revolver_ ocelot
Jan 5, 06 12:10pm
know this is late, way late, but merry christmas and happy new year. seen you around the forums and since we have so much in common (both like ocelot and both from mars) I thought i'd sign your guestbook and return the favor.
SilentScream revolver_ ocelot
Nov 17, 05 12:36am
Hey I hope you figure out Animation Shop 3, it's easy and really great program to use for avatars. You just need to fool around with it a bit and I'm sure you'll get it.