Anybody play the DayZ Standalone? Looking for crew members.
I know, I know, I've missed the steam sale, but what do you guys recommend?
How am I going to get myself back home?
Why aren't heists in GTA Online yet? What about the stock market and LifeInvader?
I'm really liking the new update. So much to go through. Any ideas for a header or avatar, comment please :)
Oh man, Intel Atom processors can't even handle DS emulators! Although, it is incredibly easy to overclock it....
No, I mean joining their destruction
Is joining microsoft
I had to handle a dispute today :\ never nice when 2 good friends fall out with eachother :(
I just woke up. At 2:20AM, and I gotta get up in a few houts. goddamn it!
I got my hands on an emulated version of RE2. Why am I dying so much??
Why do I even have facebook? I hate it. All my wall is filled with justin bieber shite. How can I delete my account?
I need to stop hogging off my neighbours internet. I'm starting to get ass ache from being in one position for too long!
finished TWD season 3. Also completed the game. I seem to have an insatiable appetite for the undead.
Break of dawn. I think I may be an insomniac.
arfgh. holidays are a bore. really, really need to stretch my legs. and haalyle this is an unusual time for you to be online!
I think i should stretch my legs. Been sat down too long. Up all night and i'll be damned if I have to take a 'nap'.
goddamn im loving the walking dead! cannot get enough of it. maybe i'll buy RE6 soon? I want zombies.
Is it healthy to reset my clock to sleep at day and awake at night? Just sayin'

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