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Didn't receive your Activation Email? Try this.

If you haven't received your activation email after a few minutes of registering an account, enter your email address below and we'll send it to you again. Just make sure you enter the email that you are using with your account. It's as simple as that! If you continue to have problems visit the Site Help forum where guests can post without needing registered accounts!

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Still Not Getting our Emails? Important Note!

If you registered using an email address provided by a free-email provider, such as Microsoft account, Hotmail, Lycos, AOL, AIM, and many others.. and keep experiencing problems with receiving emails from us, we suggest you try using Gmail. So far as we know Gmail never loses or filters our emails.

You can change the email associated with your unactivated account by clicking here.

Entered the wrong email? Change it!

If you entered the wrong email when you registered you will not be able to activate your account. Click here to change it and have another confirmation email sent to your proper email!

If you are having further problems, please contact the webmaster using our webmaster contact form. Please include your username, and as much information about your registration as possible.