Hey mate,

Just dropping in to stamp your guestbook. Looks like you're getting better at MPO Online, keep up the good work!
IM just dropping by to say, STAMP!
I love DBZ btw, it pwn's.

Ive singed you guestbook because you have given many tips to everyone and you have became so good in mhf.If you help me i help you and yo the best.

Stamped! Sign back and ... err do you mind if i add your msn
Congrats on winning over your gal and good luck slaying all those HR5 monsters. Dual Black Grav is teh pwng.

See ya, DragonKin
Woohoo go meeee!! first person to sign woohoo!!!

Meh suppose i should really fill this out... DuAl BlAcK gRaViOs OwNs YoU

Hehe buhbye James