Foxide redneonfish
Feb 13, 08 11:55pm
Hey mate,

Just dropping in to stamp your guestbook. Looks like you're getting better at MPO Online, keep up the good work!
SSJ3 Trunks redneonfish
Jun 6, 07 4:38am
IM just dropping by to say, STAMP!
I love DBZ btw, it pwn's.

Life low67 redneonfish
May 12, 07 3:20am
Ive singed you guestbook because you have given many tips to everyone and you have became so good in mhf.If you help me i help you and yo the best.
Tool_Fan_06 redneonfish
Feb 26, 07 1:02am

Stamped! Sign back and ... err do you mind if i add your msn
DragonKin98020440 redneonfish
Dec 14, 06 4:29am
Congrats on winning over your gal and good luck slaying all those HR5 monsters. Dual Black Grav is teh pwng.

See ya, DragonKin
JDhunter redneonfish
Dec 8, 06 3:09am
Woohoo go meeee!! first person to sign woohoo!!!

Meh suppose i should really fill this out... DuAl BlAcK gRaViOs OwNs YoU

Hehe buhbye James