Big Boss reaver11
Dec 26, 07 6:55am
Hey man, just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

kkthedestroyer reaver11
Sep 29, 07 5:48am
Hi Scott! Whud up??? HAven't seen you around much! Here is my temporary stamp bestest neo brother!!!!

The TimeCrisis Champ reaver11
Sep 4, 07 8:07pm
hey so i see yur in 2 devil may cry 2 whats yur fav 1
wb plz:D:D:D

Solid Snake 4Life reaver11
Oct 19, 06 11:10pm
I have seen you around the MGS4 fourm and you seem cool. I hope you like South Park or this stamp is out of place
See you!
Big_BossNS reaver11
Aug 15, 06 6:01am
I noticed that you make a lot of good points around the MGS forums. cool avatar and banner. hope you like DBZ

reno forsaken reaver11
Aug 3, 06 11:30am
might just sign your guestbooks cuz i signed big bosses too.
just a wild gues,but yer favourite msg is ocelot? right
godhimself reaver11
Jun 15, 06 1:25am
i see you in MGS4 forum and you like KH so take this.
Fluidity reaver11
May 11, 06 3:16am
Saw you around the Kingdom Hearts forum, so I'm stoppin by real quick! Please sign back if you can!

Vapour Snake reaver11
May 8, 06 7:15am
You've been bitten by me, because i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

Since you've posted at least once in the new MGS4 forum. You deserve a stamp.
Sayyed reaver11
Mar 26, 06 1:38am
one thing we forgot, what should be the name of the game

because I have no ideas,

behind the shadow: land game, something like that
Jak66 reaver11
Feb 25, 06 12:03am
I thought I'd be a good little seeker and sign your guestbook. =P
Don't forget to sign mine!

Dead Ed reaver11
Jan 19, 06 1:10am
It's me from the Shadow of the Colossus forum, and you were

I'll see ya around!
Sayyed reaver11
Jan 17, 06 12:28am
i saw u in shadow forum, i read ur things, and we have some of the same games, and some of the faorite movies, lets be neo friends, or not, what ever

ChozenMaster reaver11
Nov 3, 05 4:30am
Yeah, it's only been out for a week and you already got 100% on GTA: LCS. You must have been playing this thing mad crazy. I almost feel sorry for you PSP because of the hours you put on that thing. But yeah, congrats again.