Hey I guess you want me tell you about myself. So lets get started

I love my music, I love everything about music . So as far as music "genre" goes I'll listen to pretty much anything in the rock genre such as metal,death,thrash,symphonic ect even moving onto jazz and some others. Don't listen to rap though too much i find it boring or the modern "pop" music . It would be a shorter list if you asked what i don't listen to.
I play guitar for 2 bands . Days Of Devestation which is my new project in the making and Morbid Desire existing band in the gigging stage . i can play bass guitar & drums to a certain skill but I'm mainly a guitar player. I'm a little out of practice as time and money are a precious thing at this moment in time.

I Like watching films prefer the horror or comedy genres but will watch almost any style of film . Some favourites of mine are A Nightmare On Elm Street,Waiting,The Crow,The Hills Have Eyes,The nightmare before Christmas,The evil dead .

I Play a video games just like any normal typical guy around and play pretty much any game out apart from sports based games. I'm particularly fond of RPG games such as the Diablo and fallout series and Survival Horror games such as Dead Space, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Ive owned most consoles and handhelds available at one time or other and still have my old Retro consoles around.

Okay I know what your thinking, Im a hobo i spend all my time indoors staring at the TV or playing video games eating cheetos and growing my endless beer gut well sorry to disappoint. I love playing sports especially football but hard to get a game and I run daily as well as weight train regularly.

Pretty much a open book for most people.


Drinking, Gaming, Drums, Elec Guitar, Music, Movies, Military, Game Design, Art, Fitness


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