joanjo27 rb823
Apr 9, 13 1:20pm
Trusted Seller, easy transaction. Thanks Man!
ucudirt rb823
Mar 22, 13 7:09am
thanks for the quick transaction. i would definitely come back again!
P44 rb823
Mar 21, 13 7:45pm
fair trader,

really fast with good prices!
frigij rb823
Mar 21, 13 6:27am
Really fair trader.
Very fast and smooth transfer.
Thank you +1
dragonj50 rb823
Mar 19, 13 9:36pm
Bought 2 legendaries......awsome orice and seller
Heavymettle rb823
Mar 19, 13 12:58am
Bought from this user, quick and fair. Shall be remembered in the future. I should have been asking people to sign this thing. I have had dozens of deals and never even thought of this thing.
Bloodfrenzy rb823
Mar 12, 13 10:10am
It was a pleasure trading with you, +1
Thumbs up for service.
richardsgs3 rb823
Mar 10, 13 7:59am
thank so much bro.
nice trade with you
neo12345 rb823
Mar 7, 13 4:30am
Trades went smoothly and without issue. I would gladly trade with him again. Very easy to worm with.
flipstar78 rb823
Mar 6, 13 12:39am
U can trust him. I sold 200 GH and it was a very fast transaction. Thank you!!! Everything is fine.

Super Händler. Alles hat schnell und unkompliziert
geklappt. Des weiteren hat er auch gute Preise! Immer wieder gerne. Danke dir
Wolfsing rb823
Mar 5, 13 1:08am
nice, fast responsive seller
Paladog rb823
Jan 10, 13 8:33am
Thanks for the smooth and quick transaction! Best seller in the market!
loser24seven rb823
Jan 5, 13 12:41am
Great seller!!! Fast and smooth transaction and very reliable.
BahamutBuyer rb823
Dec 28, 12 12:04pm
rb823 is a great seller, i made two large transactions with no problems, quick and easy. Trustworthy and I would buy again.
Freezie rb823
Dec 21, 12 1:34pm
A+ fast and relaible
MrBlueEyezz rb823
Dec 21, 12 9:26am
Fast and smooth trade,

Good guy to do business with. got my vouche
loirichard rb823
Dec 21, 12 8:20am
this guy is legit, communicative and very competitive, definitely recommend.