Hey! Great avatar! I like Sonic the Hedgehog, too! Though he's not my fave character in the series. My fave is Knuckles. But I still like Sonic, though not as much.
I'm signing your guestbook...cause i feel like it! I'm sure that's a good enough reason Sorry the only stamp i have i've already stamped your book with So I just won't bother ¬¬ Well cya around soon! Happy neoseeker-ing!
not only am i posting like mad but im signing guestbooks like mad so raymanmaster here ya go hold on ill post back later i cant right now sorry its just a stamp its n ot on this hard drive see ya around

thanks for signing my guestbook anyway i just thought id say hi heheheheheh
I promise you the next thing you are about to see, is so ugly it will make you run pout of the room screaming, lol! Well here it is:

Sign back!
Thanks for sighning my guestbook:D

wow we havent talked in a long time! well ur on my neofriends list so there u go.

Hi rm I'm signing yours because you signed mine thanx mate, see ya around!
can more people sign my guestbook please. thanx in advance!
its mvsugarcookie!
ive seen u around crash forums and u really know ur videogames!
Hi, dude. I just made a new stamp, so im signing you g-book.

See ya around!
Yeah im signing hehe, Hi
P.S. (Agent 9 is crazy)
Hey, raymanmaster. Just thought I'd sign your Guestbook because you signed mine. Oh yeah, the stupid rule. ......................... That should be enough. Talk to you later.

I'm glad to help out.

Thanks for signing my guestbook so Now I'm signing back. See ya around in the forums, man!!!

Thanks for signing my guestbook! I didn't look at it until now. LOL. Anyways, I hope you had a good Christmas and a good start to 2005.

Maybe the firecrackers got a little bit out of hand.
What's up? Sorry I haven't signed your guestbook yet. It's just I've been busy, with homework and all. Anyway, I hope you had a merry Christmas, and I hope you have a happy New Year.
...................for signing my guestbook. You're a cool guy and I'm glad to help you with stuff. I'll see ya' around sometime.

Hope you had a great Christmas!
You signed my G-Book.Thanks. And btw, we can be neofriends.

Dingodile Blitzer
Hey, raymanmaster. Just thought I'd sign your guestbook. Now that I've done so, feel free to sign mine in return.

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Heres my christmas stamp!

Marry Christmas!!
Hiya! Just comin by with Christmas stamps ^.^

*Merry Christmas*
Hay id just thought id sign your guestbook. could you sign mine?