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Dec 04, 08 3:26am
good RaymanArena PS2
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  • "I wiped the dust off of my PS2 and played this game with my friend, oh, it is as fun as it was back when... RaymanArena PC"
    NinPower May 14, 11 11:29pm
  • "The rating is understandable, but this is still fun in my opinion. Think of it as a multiplayer feature made to go with Rayman 2, not a... RaymanArena PS2"
    Ephriokko Jul 25, 10 11:21pm
  • "good RaymanArena PS2"
    raymanmaster Dec 04, 08 3:26am
  • "First PS2 game I ever owned, lost the case a couple of years ago (accidentally left it at a friends and kept forgetting it XD) RaymanArena PS2"
    Acid Rayne Dec 16, 06 3:36pm
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