You seem pretty cool! I'm not sure if you wanna be my friend or not, I don't blame you if you don't. If you do pm me sometime k?

~Black Pikmin123
sminga rawk hawk pawner 101
Sep 23, 08 9:19pm
I'm just signing cause i wanna be friends with you!
PM me with your response

wow that 125 character thing is annoying

Murd rawk hawk pawner 101
Sep 16, 08 12:18am
hey its like murd anyway do you want to be friends? i wonder well please sign my guestbook since i signed yours well please tell me if my ideas are good bye
Pikman rawk hawk pawner 101
Sep 14, 08 7:04pm
So your sig says to sign,so I did!You're friends with Mew?Me too!PM me if you want to be my Neofriend.Gotta have 125 characters yada yada yada that should do it!
Mew rawk hawk pawner 101
Sep 8, 08 12:57am
Thankyou! really appreciate it! wanna be my neofriend? ok i just need to finish ths 125 word thingy. your awesome! your awesome! your awesome!