hey guys! c: has anyone been trying to get shinies through the dexnav? i've found http://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comment

i'm looking for a shiny UT KB flawless rhyhorn, missing sp. atk. preferably adamant, though i'll settle for jolly to

hi there; i'm looking for an emolga with its hidden ability motor drive. you can get one of these just from a friend safa

i'm looking for a leftovers; i can offer any of the flawless pokemon in my shop ( in the sig ). please let me know if yo

is there someone who has BP that can get me all six of the power items ? i don't like grinding the battle maison. in

hi, i'm looking for someone who has an eevee that meets the following: shiny, nicknameable bold 31 / x / 31 / 31 / 31

updated shop again ! c: below are the newly bred things i have, if you're interested. ofc, everything else in the shop i

hi guys i need these two items stat if anyone's got them on hand. first come first serve. i'm only offering the poke

added more stock to my shop c: these are the new addition ! 263. http://www.serebii.net/xy/pokemon/263.png zigzagoon; ada

so i'm putting together a team for my school's league next semester, and i was thinking of doing an avengers-themed t

anyone have a sheer force cranidos they'd be willing to trade me ? i'm willing to give any flawless pokemon from my

back again, with a few new things c: check http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/36473/t1941498-rais-shop-of-kb-flawless-pokemon-u

yep, updated again ;D trades will have to wait a couple of hours; i restarted the game again a couple days ago. i'm near

guess who spent 4 hours the other day reorganizing her shop ? |D that's right ! now my shop is much easier to navigate;

i'm looking for a spearow with sniper, preferably female, preferably in a timer ball ( if anyone has a spearow safari if

hi everyone ! c: these last few days, i've added some new pokemon to my breedable stock ! of course, everything else

looks like i'm officially going to try and get back into the swing of things xD you know the drill, folks ! c: the link

hey everyone ! idk if anyone here remembers me anymore, but i was around about half a year ago in this community. i'm t

this giveaway actually doesn't have a whole lot to do with chinese new year, but i guess i wanted to come up with a cute

i already have another bold eevee, so i'm just seeing what i can get for this one looking for some halfway decent offers

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