anyone have a sheer force cranidos they'd be willing to trade me ? i'm willing to give any flawless pokemon from my

back again, with a few new things c: check

yep, updated again ;D trades will have to wait a couple of hours; i restarted the game again a couple days ago. i'm near

guess who spent 4 hours the other day reorganizing her shop ? |D that's right ! now my shop is much easier to navigate;

i'm looking for a spearow with sniper, preferably female, preferably in a timer ball ( if anyone has a spearow safari if

hi everyone ! c: these last few days, i've added some new pokemon to my breedable stock ! of course, everything else

looks like i'm officially going to try and get back into the swing of things xD you know the drill, folks ! c: the link

hey everyone ! idk if anyone here remembers me anymore, but i was around about half a year ago in this community. i'm t

this giveaway actually doesn't have a whole lot to do with chinese new year, but i guess i wanted to come up with a cute

i already have another bold eevee, so i'm just seeing what i can get for this one looking for some halfway decent offers

you know the drill xD i updated

i want to run a different set on honedge than the 0 speed brave set anyone willing to trade?

not planning on using it, so i sort of want to get rid of it and see what i can get ^^ it's not competitive at all and i

so basically i'm too lazy to breed my own elekid and evolve them every time so i'm looking specifically for: eleki

rai has updated her shop yet again! as always, i'll take pretty much any offer, though i sort of wish you good luck in

anyone want to multi battle me and my friend? c: my fc is in my sig you're allowed to use any pokemon you want, excep

so, i don't battle competitively, but i've been searching for a friend who i can battle for fun c: i regularly make t

31 / 31 / x / 31 / 31 / 31 adamant, thick fat level 1 UT female with icicle crash i honestly just sort of want to get r

ok so here's the thing i have 2.5 boxes of 5IV pokemon that i need to clear out because i only have like 1 empty box lef

yes. rai has updated her shop. again. here are the new 5IVs i have in stock c: of course, i am always also trading my o

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