Kamaleon rageme
Feb 15, 13 8:09pm
Another Awesome Transaction. Thanks Again
Kamaleon rageme
Feb 13, 13 4:59pm
Very quick and easy transaction.A+++++++++++
BGreen rageme
Feb 2, 13 10:12pm
Gave me a great price and was easy to work with. Highly recommend!
runahime rageme
Jan 30, 13 12:23am
legit seller and friendly, goodluck with your life bro ^^

say hi to your wife gyahahahaha
hypefarm rageme
Jan 24, 13 8:41pm
Narse67 rageme
Sep 16, 12 4:42pm
Smooth transaction. Enjoy!
Narse67 rageme
Sep 16, 12 4:39pm
Smooth transaction. Enjoy!
JustSymphony rageme
Aug 27, 12 9:06pm
+1 Smooth and easy transaction without any problems. Recommendation for sellers if he is one of your buyer !
King_of_Ramen rageme
Aug 15, 12 3:57pm
+1 for a trusted buyer/seller and a good man!