This is it, I'm living it baby
very awsome game to have, i understand now why they gave this game a 9.2 AceCombat5TheUnsungWar PS2
playing the rest of my second game since i feel like starting over again MidnightClub3DUBEditionRemix Xbox
not a game you really want because drifting sucks and steering is hard. the only thing thats good about it is the graphics DTRacer PS2
the girl on the beach won't join you no matter what HotShotsGolfOpenTee2 PSP
it sucks that you can only own 30 cars at a time MidnightClub3DUBEditionRemix PS2
graphics should be alot better, could have had a different story plot HitmanContracts PS2
preaty hard if you read the walktrough but if you just go through it your own way its a lot easier, the end was cool. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
awsome game, not recomeneded for little ones though Scarface
good but not so awsome on the story part TheSims2 Xbox
not good at all the only thing good is the creator SporeCreatures DS
good not too bad needs cheats though JamesBondQuantumOfSolace PS3
O.K. but not too good Spectrobes DS
awsome game, no scrach that very awsome game GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas PS2

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