Unholy Pyro 50 qrull gx 13
May 01, 08 2:22am
For signing my Guestbook. How did you find me? Also, that .gif is pretty cute! lol. Once again thank you for singing my guestbook, I don't have many signings , so everyone I get means a alot!

emotion qrull gx 13
Nov 13, 07 6:19am
Hi how r u ? i need to learn maximum impact game action can you help me hot to be good in this game


Level 99 king qrull gx 13
Jun 13, 07 12:54am
have you ever unlocked souledge because he is one very powerful character he has many special moves which defeats opponents easily
yeungy67 qrull gx 13
May 01, 07 1:48am
Yo it is yeungy I am a PUNOSHA Punk/mosha and i fink dat nirvana and da chili peppers are well RAD Pearl Jam, Janes Addiction, Led Zep,Guns N Roses,Velvet Revolver
TheVelocityGirl qrull gx 13
Apr 21, 07 10:59pm
saw your invite on FFXII. I am newish to Noeseeker so I am trying to get to grips with the whole website!!! I have only started to play FF games the last 4 years and I love the latest one.. You have a great smile!!Keep smiling.
soul calibur king qrull gx 13
Apr 20, 07 5:41am
These are the attacks qrull gx 13 in case if u somehow forget later on in the future (haha)

Fire Breath (Bariivaruha)
In Chap.3,4&5 at Thunder Plains, Calm Lands & Mount Gagazet.

Seed Cannon (1.Leucophylla 2.Cephalotus)
1.In Chap.3&5 at Besaid, Calm Lands, Mt.Gagazet & Bevelle Tower Floors 24-26
2.In Chap.3&5 at Besaid, Mi'hen & Bevelle Tower Floors 30-32.

Stone Breath (1.Tomb 2.Monolith 3.Dolmen 4.Epitaph)
1.In Chap.3&5 at Djose, Calm Lands & Bevelle Tower Floors 27-29.
2.In Chap.5 at Farplane & Bevelle Palace Floors 61-64.
3.In Chap.5 at Besaid, Kilika, Mushroom Rock, Djose & Farplane.
4.In Chap.5 at Fiend Colony & Bevelle Palace Flooors 75-79.

Absorb (1.Protochimera 2.Haizhe 3.Baralai 4.Flan Azabache 5.Jahi 6.Cindy 7.Vegnagun)
1.In Chap.1,2,3&5 at Kilika, Bikanel & Mt.Gagazet.
2.In Chap.1,2&5 at Macalania & Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19.
3.In Chap.2.
4.In Chap.5 at Ruins Depths & Bevelle Tower Floors 65-69.
5.In Chap.5 at Farplane & Bevelle Palace Floors 75-79.
6.In Chap.5 at Farplsne (boss)
7.End of Chap.5.

White Wind (1.Big Bully Cap 2.Coeurl 3.Queen Coeurl 4.Mycotoxin 5.Ms.Goon)
1.In Chap.5 at Bikanel & Bevelle Tower Floors 50-59.
2.In Chap.1,2&5 at Besaid, Calm Lands & Bevelle Tower Flors 7-9.
3.In Chap.2,3&5 at Besaid, Kilika, Mihen, Guadosalam & Calm Lands.
4.In Chap.3&5 at Mihen, Mt.Gagazet & Zanarkand.
5.In Chap.1 at Zanarkand.

Bad Breath (1.Malboro 2.Great Malboro)
1.In Chap.3,4&5 at Besaid, Thunder Plains & Bevelle Tower Floors 24-26.
2.In Chap.5 at Farplane & Bevelle Tower Floors 70-74.

Mighty Guard (1.Haizhe 2.Garik)
1.Chap.1,2&5 at Macalania & Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19.
2.Chap.3 at Mt.Gagazet (boss)

Supernova (1.Ultima Weapon 2.Paragon)
1.Chap.5 at Ruin Depths & Bevelle Palace Floors 47-49.
2.Chap.5 at Bevelle Bottom Floor.

Cry In The Night (Mega Tonberry)
Chap.5 at Bevelle Palace Floor 41.

Drill Shot (Baralai)
Chap.5 at Mushrom Rock (Den of Woe)

Mortar (Gippal)
Chap.5 at Den of Woe.

Annihalator (Experiment)
Chap.5 at Djise Temple.

Heaven's Cataract (1.Kukulcan 2.Gucumatz 3.Chac)
1.Chap.2&5 at Bevelle & Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19.
2.Chap.3&5 at Mushroom Rock, Thunder Plains, Bikanel & Zanarkand.
3.Chap.5 at Bevelle Tower Floors 80-84.

1000 Needles (Cactuar)
Chap.5 in Cactuar Cave.

Storm Cannon (Ironside)
Chap.3,4&5 at Kilika, Thunder Plains & Zanarkand.

Blaster (Coeurl & Queen Coeurl)
Cypher8492 qrull gx 13
Apr 13, 07 11:12pm
hi, i don't see many girls intrested in games like this, and belive me i've tried to get my ex's to play...Not happenin'

so that makes you very cool.

BTW, the game i'm refering to is Yuri's Revenge. later.
adune qrull gx 13
Apr 06, 07 11:24pm
thanks for the help on the hunt i killed bagamnan and his goons with ure help thnx
again. btw any other tips for any other hunts like the lindwyrm or were all the cocterices are from the giza plains if you do can you inform me on were they are on my new post that im startin today
maries_robbany85 qrull gx 13
Mar 03, 07 6:04pm
please send me the code to use krizalid (1st & 2nd form)
please send it to my mail at
I will very thankfull for it ^^
Chrome qrull gx 13
Feb 25, 07 12:56am
Hey! Wow, another fellow malaysian, in 2 years. I was born and raised in malaysia, but right now i'm living in good ole' England. I've never been to Kuala Lumper, I only stayed in the suburbs in Sarawak. Well, i'll see you in the forums sometime. We play completely different games, so I doubt that'll happen. I'll keep in touch!

games_are_4_chicks18 qrull gx 13
Jan 22, 07 7:36am
you told me to sign it so here you go!!!!!sign sign sign sign..hey di yiu have an xbox?i do and no i am not some nerdy girl who is in 2 gay a** video games no i play real games...so you a homie????
Azn_Applecake qrull gx 13
Oct 01, 06 2:00am
Just saw you haven't been signed in a while so...

Sorry for the poor quality of my stamp...
Please sign back!

harvestmoon61 qrull gx 13
Mar 16, 06 2:32pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook.As a return I sign yours back.Here is a stamp
Imperialdramon_X2 qrull gx 13
Mar 15, 06 11:43am
Hey oRANg Malaysia....
Sesaje nyebuk.... Layan org sendiri...
Neyway, you can find me at digimon world 3 area if you want to.... er..... bi teruk la...
Keh, nak blah dah! Chioz...

Sign my guestbook to...

mistic gohan qrull gx 13
Oct 03, 05 10:20am
just trying out my stamp anyway just wanted to say hey and if u wanta i have new art up if u wanta oh also im looking forword to ur art too anyway ill see u around bye

<a href="http://img85.imageshack.us/my.php?image=banner22gp.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/7985/banner22gp.th.jpg" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us" /></a>
mistic gohan qrull gx 13
Aug 31, 05 11:05am
whats up i noticed u like a lot of the things i do drawing and anime ect but my fave choices of anime are diffrent but u like anime so thats cool anyway have u heard of art central in neoseeker if u like drawing then u should enter some i have some and if u wanta ill be ur friend anyway see ya around
FrostAlchemist qrull gx 13
Aug 04, 05 4:44am
wow your a great artist and you have good taste in games as well. bye-bye
Quetzalcoatl qrull gx 13
Apr 17, 05 5:40am
Kupo.//:hi qrull! Its nice seeing that you still visit this site. Hope to see you post more often in the KOF forums. Sorry, I harley post in those forums. Well anyways, just came to admire one of my favorite members.


Tres qrull gx 13
Jan 19, 05 11:07pm

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

wigthers 2000 qrull gx 13
Dec 18, 04 1:24pm
Hello Qurll gx 13. It is Me again Wigthers 2000. I am doing my Christmas guestbook signings. I have a pictur of Athena Asamiya for you.

This Picture may not come up. So, Please do not get mad. You can do the same if you want.
NSX qrull gx 13
Aug 25, 04 11:50am
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around qrull gx 13. Sign back if you want...
Reata qrull gx 13
Aug 07, 04 5:52pm
Saya ialah Reata dari Breath Of Fire 2 GBA!!! Ingatkah saya ni???? Kamu tak sangka saya ni pandai bahasa malaysia ya??? Saya juga dari Malaysia tetapi saya tinggal di Sabah!!!!! I'm a chinese not a Malay!!!! Dari nama kamu ni, saya tahu kamu ni orang Melayu!!!!Dari KL lagi tu!!!!! oops!!!! communicate dalam BM pula!!!! Selamat berkenalan dan harap kamu sering berbakti kepada Neoseeker!!!!! Selamat Tinggal!!! (psst: Boleh tolong sign Guestbook sayakah!
Quetzalcoatl qrull gx 13
May 29, 04 1:09am
Well just decided to Sign your guestbook again. I see that your KOF rampage is still going on so have fun in Neoseeker and KOF games!


Sign back if you have time
lady_lede qrull gx 13
Feb 05, 04 4:15am
Hi there!!! I agree lets talk about KOF until the sun goes down!!! After all, what better fighting game is there?! King of fighters rocks!!!!

Signed by.....

PS - Love the banner!!!!
PPS - Long live the Orochi! Cant wait for KOF2K4
NA 2 qrull gx 13
Nov 08, 03 5:53am
Thanks I couldnt figure out how to get past thanks