Current Favourite Song:
- Dare - Stan Bush
- Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Current Favourite Manga:
- Pretty Face
- Kamiyadori
- King Of Thorn
- School Rumble
- Shakugan No Shana
- Buso Renkin
- Naruto
- Yotsuba&!

Current Favourite Anime
- The Transformers (anime?)

Current Favourite TV Show:
- Prison Break
- Smallville

Currently playing:
- Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria (PS2)

I'll tell you this, my english sucks, so my posts might be kinda weird with the words. I even dunno if I wrote this right. Anyway... if you got any question, or just wanna be friends, just NeoPM me! Chow.

18/6/04 - 1000th post!
And after 2 years still havent reached 2k.

24/12/06 - i just defeated ffx-2's trema! well it may not be a big deal, but what the hell. i just gotta tell everyone about it. when i finally beat him i was like WOOHOOOOOO!!!

26/10/07 - i'm back on neo after disappearing like, 4 months?

30/12/07 - i'm back after a month of disappearance and posted something stupid.>_


- drawing
- sleeping
- music. erm.. anime OST, ayumi hamasaki & morning musume
- reading (mangas, mags, anything!)
- watching movies & anime
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