We made an agreement to exhange hp for $. We made a VERY SPECIFIC deal which required a certain amount of hp, a certain card, and a certain comment. Was set up for two bazaar transactions. I received payment and found two bazaar transaction, WHICH WERE EXACTLY WHAT WE AGREED ON, so I accepted both. (BTW, BAZAAR DEALS ARE MADE AT RANDOM AND YOU DON'T FIND OUT THE OTHER USER UNTIL AFTER THE DEAL HAS BEEN MADE). This user now claims she never got the second half of the deal and claims that I defrauded her. I have pictures of the transactions I made to prove my case and it was my fault. I feel she is trying to defraud me! I did everything she asked me and comes at me like I'm the bad guy. I promptly responded by telling her I want to resolve the issue and I contacted a moderator, while she stands accusatory and pointing fingers.
would do business with him again without a doubt!!!
Pleasure to work with. Very trustworthy. Will do business again.