Virulent pupsplus8
Dec 11, 12 8:03pm
sold my lvl 55 for his stat stones through trade everything went quickly and smoothly
goodboy pupsplus8
Dec 09, 12 10:54pm
Very good Guy

i believe always!!
Demon Hunt pupsplus8
Dec 09, 12 10:50pm
Traded my chaotic infrit for banshee.
Thank you for smooth traded. Very reliable and patient. KUDO!!!

ahyoung2005 pupsplus8
Dec 08, 12 5:40pm
I send gift 1st, then trade ss for stones. No problem at all! Will trade again soon!
Pyrdacor pupsplus8
Dec 06, 12 5:24am
Again a Good and fast Trade!
scartmel pupsplus8
Dec 04, 12 9:48am
his stones for my apsara
Pyrdacor pupsplus8
Dec 03, 12 9:47am
nice clean fast Trade!!!!Trustable Buyer!
iTrader pupsplus8
Dec 01, 12 12:46am
Fast and efficient trader. Definitely Trusted!
Dmark pupsplus8
Nov 30, 12 4:00pm
Delivers as promised. Have traded more that one time with.

Douglas Mark Kaufman