My newest game! It's better than my other animal crossing game! AnimalCrossingCityFolk Wii
Not my favorite game... but still kinda fun! NintendogsDalmatianandFriends DS
almost done. Im on the level you need to beat right before you get into world seven. SuperMarioAdvance2SuperMarioWorld GBA
It took me like 3 years to beat this (I got stuck) but now I've beaten it, and have like 97%, but you need to explore like every little... DisneysKimPossible3TeamPossible GBA
You're a magic student and you learn spells and stuff. I've heard there is an objective, but I can't figure it out. MagiciansQuestMysteriousTimes DS
This is a really fun game cause there is no objective, you just live in a town and talk to people and stuff. AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
you own a hotel and its really fun cause you get to check people in and out and stuff. TheSims2 Xbox
I like the regular sims 2 ds better, but in this one, you own a pet spa instead of a hotel TheSims2ApartmentPets DS
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