Hi, I'm Nick. I just wanted to say and that you are very hot. But hey, what chance do I have with a hotty like you. See you.
i've seen u around the Jade Empire and KOTOR froums, so i decided to sign ur book.do u really "heat boys"??? see u in Disneyland...bring money!!!
Hello agian, You know your new profiles baffling me somewhat, more and more everytime i see it.

You heart boys??? A rather....strange statement no?
I just thought I would sign your book as I have seen you around...

To add even more excitement to your life, I have decided to sign your gb .
sorry dont mean to spam, but thanx for signing my guestbook and i have a stamp now, or two.
Sure i have msn its my username anyways

im bored and saw you on one of the lounges im looking for friends too, and since your guestbook hasnt been signed in a while i thought id sign it, well sign back or whatever!
Hey I saw you around the HL²forum and had a look at your profile. Welcom to the HL²board

You know i have only EVER signed 2 guestbooks. And i hate people that just go singing them for NO reason (Eugine Rules Springs to mind) so be very pleased with yourself for you are a intresting person and your not an ass hole.
I'm just goin' around signing G-bookies, and now I've come across you. I hope you like it here at neo. If you every need somebody 2 chat with, I'm your man.

~Sign Back!
I noticed you need a friend, well here i am. Um i don't have any stamps or anything yet but when i do i'll stamp yer guestbook (i like being nice hehe) for ya. For now though let me just say um... read my poems and stories, if don't like them atleast you get the pleasure of flaming my thread afterwards lol. Ah i'm kidding.

Catch ya in the forums, c-ya

Weekend Warrior
-a little goose comes up to you-hehe i signed your guestbook..NOW YOU SHALL BURN IN HELL!!! hehehe -and then the little goose runs off-
Since I love to be nice and since you help me sometimes I'll sign your guestbook but you better give the 10 bucks you said you'd give me you stupid son of a B*^*&H!!!
yo, u signed my GB so, sinse im such a loving guy who always returns to the community, im signing yours. i used to have a stamp, but i have no idea what happened to it so: