Vegetazoid punchout88
Aug 4, 08 2:11am
Hey Punchout!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
wwemarvelfan punchout88
Aug 26, 07 12:14am
Sorry it took so long, but thanks for the banner. So, here's a stamp.

NegativeEnergy punchout88
Aug 17, 07 10:18pm
yo just came by here to sign your guestbook man

SSJ4BROLY punchout88
Jul 30, 07 2:34pm
hey dude hows it going? i just thought i would show you my new stamp so here it is

see ya around
wwemarvelfan punchout88
Jul 25, 07 6:55am
Thanks for the stamp dude.

PM me whenever ya feel like .
SSJ4BROLY punchout88
Jul 24, 07 11:54pm
yo i just thought i would come and sign your guest book

see ya around the forums
Dark Majin Vegeta punchout88
Jun 10, 07 5:17am
Hey stamp your guestbook by the way Bardock is so cool but Majin Vegeta will always rule! so deal with it
king rock punchout88
Feb 25, 07 12:35am
I am sighing your guestbook since you sighned mine

king rock punchout88
Feb 12, 07 4:39am
you edit your profile sig and copy the link then paste it their ask me if you have anty queastion ok