Hey there it's PSO GUY! I'm signing the guestbooks of everyone I sort of know, so here you go, my amazing self made stamp!

See you on the forums!
I agree that your awesome in the Shinra RP. You are really helping the story move along. I have never signed a guestbook before dude, but I thought I should atleast sign 1.
j000000 what's up dude nice playing with you on FFXI looking forward to seeing you in PSU and beyond. I wonder whos going to be the real master in PSU.
Sorry it's the only stamp I have at the moment. But I saw your banner, and is the only reason your nice, if so I'm going to be very nice from now on.
Well I saw ur banner and I liked it, so I checked out your Digi Folio. Looks good.
So I'm here to say hi.

cya around~
Your banner kicks a$$ I already have been sending to people just so they can get a laugh from it. You got any more as good as this one if so whats the sight.
Hey there,

Welcome to the Mario Kart: Double Dash forum! You seem really nice. You also seem like a big Mario fan; me too!

Happy Holidays,

~ Satokasu Suki
I can't believe that I never signed this thing. Anyways you need to get off your ass and get online so we can dominate some people in BA and enemies to.
I thought I'd stamp your guestbook as no-one has put a stamp on it, hope you like it and please sign mine

I'm just going around stamping a couple of guestbooks and as you since i've just told you on MSN Messenger i'm stamping your guest book. Tho i'll happy battle when ever you want and I will not have a headache next time.

I thought I'd say hi. Man you are cool... Well errr yeah... Anyway... The shinra rp is loving ya and everyoe loves the sinister Fox. Keep up the superb work and uhh well yeah...

LOL!!! I loved your pso2 jokes/tales thing! Tha was pretty funny... And are yu really lvl 100? Or is that just a name? C U! Ohhh... I really hate the 125 characters length law/rule thats really slashy! Am I done typing yet?
psomasterlv100 is truly a befitting name. When I first joined the pso forums, I thought "who is this guy, thinking he all master-like and stuff." But dont let him fool you, he really is a master of PSO. I too like FOX at one time argued that I was infact the HUmar master. I remember psomasterlv100 changing his title to great swordsmen then FOX changed his to greater swordsmen. Then I changed mine to greatest swordsmen. Lame I know, but its some memories. Thanks for helping me on my quest for the Elysion, I never did find one...
Psomaster is a great addition to the Neoseeker community. He is very informative and funny. Well I guess I will see you in the next addtion of PSO....till then.
I must say I'm glad to have you in the Shinra RP to give direction to the storyline. It's nice to finally have something concrete to follow. I look forward to RPing more with you.
I know that you don't know me that that well, but I just wanted to thank you.

You tried so hard to keep the Mage RP in line, yet failed. I just wanted to thank you for your efforts.

- The hidden DM
well this guy is damn cool. the master of pso level 100. i remember when we first met on neo in the pso forums, we were arguing who was the real humar master heh heh