I was born in North Carolina, but have lived in florida for the majority of my memories. I study philosophy academiclly and physics amateurishly, and my favorite philosopher is Richard Rorty


I enojy strategy games (especially Final Fantasy Tactics and Suikoden 1&2), Philosophy, leisure, reading (most genre ranging from literature, to science fiction to fantasy), a small slice of music (bad religion, mono and iio), and my pet hamster Orca (named after the species of killer whale).
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ps_bishop wrote a user review "Tactics sequel suffers sophmore curse"

Review: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Tactics sequel suffers sophmore curse

Jul 10, 2003

See my comments (as Philip Bishop and ps_bishop) on various threads. To summarize, I feel this game is essentially an attempt by a group of people who didn't work on FFT to remake the game for a younger audience, therefore taking the aspect that...

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