Well, um. I don't know. I like to either really annoy my friends or make them laugh, by agrivating our teachers, e.g. sneaking into their office and stealing a mouse from a keyboard. I also like walking around for no apparent reason during my holidays.

Neo Friends:

7th Child: Some guy I used to talk to, I don't think he comes on anymore.
bk imperialdramon pm: This guy who I asked to make me a banner ages ago, but meh, I don't mind about the fact he hasn't made it.
Hell_Fire: Cool guy who likes FF, I also beat him in my first round in the recent FF tournament.
icecavern1011: Another cool guy who likes FF, haven't spoken to him in ages.
lil ff kid reborn: Nice guy who always talks to me, probably my best Neofriend.
Murphtwo: Some guy who I helped once, I never spoke to him againo.O.
PrincessRyo: Perhaps my very first Neofriend, it's thanks to her that I realised what a great site this was.
RPG_Master44: Everyones heard of this great Neoseeker.
SepheroT: A guy who signed my GB once.
SephirothRulerOfEvil: Someone who I helped out once, or who helped me out, I can't remember.
shadow5430: Cool guy who never says much in his posts.
Vorpal_Sima Yi: Yet another cool guy who used to be really active in the FFX forum, he helped me out once.


Final Fantasy
Megaman X series
Metroid (all of them)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (of course!)
Star Ocean
Dragon Ball Z
Chrono series
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