I wanna build a team around Mega Mawile. Just wondering what you guys would class as good teammates for it. Open to anything

What is there to do? Finished it the other day quicker than I expected but I want to keep playing it. I've already been i

Not long started my Y run, and I caught a Pikachu. It has Pokerus, *bleep* yeah

Anyone happen to know whether Pikachu can be caught with a light ball in X\Y yet?!XD
Pokemon Y has arrived! Goodbye social life..
Internet is now finally back online :o

I pre ordered Y from Amazon and paid for release day delivery.. So here is my question: will I get it on the release date? It

Pretty sick of my internet being down, fu virgin media
pokemaniac_Y please stop capitalizing the beginning letter of every word you type, it's so irritating o.O

Is there anywhere I can watch it in English yet? o.O

it's 4:30 am......................... goodnight
i hope jeevs didn't notice me change my avatar again
1000 posts :cool:

Looking to start a challenge run on my HG save, as something to do in my spare time or when I'm bored. What types of c

Anybody else think Gyarados' typing is a bit strange? I mean the water part is completely understandable, but flying? I d

Has anyone ever defeated him? I know a lot of people have, just wondering how many people here have. I first played this

First of all I'm not sure if this is in the correct place but it seemed it was. I've been having this problem for

no avatar i choose looks any good so until i find an awesome Gyarados one, it shall be removed >:(

http://img.neoseeker.com/mgv/528434/434/69/nl_water_gym_banner_2_display.png http://pldh.net/media/pokemon/gen5/blackwhite

Looking to add someone to my team that can inflict Toxic well, as well as other status problems if possible. Suggestions?

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