hiya!! i am very strange.... i think you already know that...ummmm, i havent been on neo for a while cause i was grounded for a long time. "if i had one word to describe myself, it would probably be....Fluffy-Puff marshmellows, or Homestar"-Homestar
if you change the"fluffy-puff marshmellows" to bandgeek and "homestar" to strange i think that would pretty much cover how i act or am.
name- emily
pets- 1 dog, 1 bird, 1 chinchilla, and 17 fish.
instrument- trumpet, electric guitar
concerts- white stripes
that is basically all you need to know about me.


actor- orlando bloom

movie- lord of the rings, school of rock, and pirates of the carribean
music-wheezer,system of a down,the white stripes,red hot chilli peppers, blink 182, nonstop nic, dj markski

favorite show- spongebob,the simpsons,hamtaro,InuYasha(Fluff ROCKS!!)
neosis-phoenix12, 50centfan

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