greenbean prince of summoning
Aug 21, 07 5:26pm
Hill0, here's a FOB pic I hope you like it.

Hope to type to you again.o.0
Aqua Slayer prince of summoning
Aug 07, 07 2:56pm
Hi!!!! Aina... i just dropped by.... and well i decided to sign your guestbook for being a great clan leader

Maxman prince of summoning
Jul 28, 07 9:13pm
Hi aina I am signing again and I just wanted to say hi so um hi and to be in your clan why do you have to not use paint?Some of us like paint LOL
lol, I almost forgot to sign my Neosisters Guestbook! How dumb am I?
Anyways, you're a great Neosister Aina. I hope I can get to know you better, and I probably will!
You're awesome! And good at GFX, or whatever it's called! Never stop Trying:

I hope to see you around the forums some more, and NEVER EVER stop making comics. They're more PWNsome than you may think!

Ectoreaper prince of summoning
Jul 24, 07 10:10pm
Wazzup Gimp buddiE ^^ You are a cool freind and i look forward to seeing you around on neo a lot more ^^


hey thanks for letting me join your clan and thanks for signing my guestbook lol i dont have a stamp
Zephyr prince of summoning
Jul 20, 07 11:09pm
hey I am signing back, and WOOT Kraken PoS will never beat us HAHAHHAHAHHAHA

no really [ Train ] [ train ]

lol anyways good luck on FFIII THat game PWNZ!
greenbean prince of summoning
Jul 20, 07 8:53pm
HI I want to say thank you for signing my guestbook!
dandy01 prince of summoning
Jul 20, 07 4:54pm

Glad you liked the photography. See you around.
Maxman prince of summoning
Jul 20, 07 4:34pm
Hey POS just signing back and I wanted to say you are a great neo sister and the only one I have ever had!What are you doing right now I am fixing to go to walmart so when I get back we can battle!
pikacelebi prince of summoning
Jul 20, 07 4:30pm
Hi! Signing back...

((Don't worry I posted in the hurt and heal))
You're like an Awesome Friend, Aina! And so COOL! :]
And your Comic is just teh Pwnz00rs! I hope it goes well! ^^
And I was about to Sign anyway... xD

Oh, and it seems we have the same objective: To get as many G.B Signings as Possible.
xD Good luck to both of us!

Well first off sorry i don't have a stamp. Happy half year on neo, I haven't known you for very long but I still know that you are a really nice person and a great clan leader as well. Also your comic: the 3 poketeers pwnzs. Good luck with the rest of your time on neo~ Well obviously its me it even says my name at the bottom
Dragoshi1 prince of summoning
Jul 19, 07 6:34pm

I stamped u with my expiremental cannon,now taste the swirling applles and caramel goodness of PIE!!!
Hey Aina! Just dropping by your guestbook!

HEHE! Like it?

Hope you have a good time in our clan

Dragoshi1 prince of summoning
Jul 15, 07 3:45pm

U have been stamped by Chris! U n me r bestest friends, and we r neomarried!
Kopper prince of summoning
Jul 05, 07 11:15am
Hello. I like this. Do you? My stamp is big... Also check out this random picture!
Fluidity prince of summoning
Jul 04, 07 1:42am
Just here to return the favor of your guestbook signing. Sorry I'm late. ^^'

quote prince of summoning
I decided to go on a mod stamping spree for the nice mods and maybe just MAYBE IZT will get his stamped to....
Stamp him too. He's really nice. =]

AngelThy prince of summoning
Jul 01, 07 3:41am
Hey! Just wanted to say hi and say that ur my best friend! So let me stamp..

Sign Back!
Orlando prince of summoning
Jun 28, 07 9:16pm
well took kinda long but i got my first stamp and hope you do the same.

Borritoe prince of summoning
Jun 28, 07 4:42pm
Hey PoS just stopping by to sign agian hope to see ya around -JoE

Cheers to Neo-Family. You are really cool and fun. Kind and caring. Helpful and calm. Cool and awesome.

sleekscizor111 prince of summoning
Jun 22, 07 11:13pm
Hey nice to meet you. Have fun with making Tourneys and I know you can make them awesome! The world of pokemon is complicated and wonderous and I hope you come to find out all of its secrets and wonders!!!
Maxman prince of summoning
Jun 22, 07 10:01pm
Hi you crazy lil girl LOL

Here is my stamp i made just 4 u LOL

Borritoe prince of summoning
Jun 22, 07 9:49pm
hi im bored lol so im commenting you guestbook! W00T you ROx! lol ywah lol omg i hate how u have to havw at least 125 lol i need to get my team better so i can beat U !! >:{} lol