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-Sammie is My 1# Friend.
She stoodd up to me when I was down and When I Was Happy she..Was Funny, Nice...and Does Real good Graphics!

Cardcaptor Sakura
-Even if she isn't on my friend list it doesn't mean we aren't friends.
we will always be part of each other.

Salamence King
- He Used to be Maxman and USED to be a enemy.
we are Friends now...Good ones that is! =D

-Justin is SO Cool
I Actually first saw him At the GD In animal crossing and Thought he was a bad person or something but when I saw..he is actually REALLY NICE.

- I Don't Know if He is Even On Anymore but he was actually one of my good friends...we just met a month ago or so..But hey..he is is nice!

- VERY NICE. He is just the coolest, sweetest and Adorable 13 year old Around! XD

-Very Nice.
Thought he was..mean or something like if you talked to him he'd be rude...But Eventually I was wrong!

-The best preist for the neo marriage! We've been enemies for so long we haven't seen each others nice side!!
Thanks Brandon for EVERYTHING

- Funny, weird in a good way, caring, and funny!~
I Hope We Can Be Better Friends!


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