The name is Lauren!
I'm 17, and I'm a Senior in High School.

I live in the deep, dark hills of southeast Kentucky.
Braid Paisley wrote a song about it.
(You'll never leave Harlan alive)
Jealous yet? ^.^

Yes, I have indoor plumbing.
No, my cousin is not my mother.
No, my house is not a beaten down shack.
And once again, NO, I do not have missing/rotted teeth.

I love Video Games.

I just bought a Nintendo 3DS XL and I am currently playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf (:
Here is my FC: 3497-2131-5597
PM me if you add me, so I can add you back!

I am obsessed with The Legend of Zelda series.

As well as Harvest Moon and Sims.

if you want to know anything else, just ask!

If you are having trouble with any of the following games, these are the games I have mastered a few times.

  • Windwaker
  • Twilight Princess
  • Sonic Adventure Battle 2
  • Sonic DX
  • Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life
  • Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life
  • Harvest Moon ToT
  • Harvest Moon AP
Xbox 360
  • GTA 5
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect
  • The Sims 3
- Generations
- Seasons
- Island Paradise
- Showtime
- Pets
- Ambitions
- Supernatural
- University

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Lauren ;;*


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