My name is James and I'm originally from Perth, but now living in Brisbane.

I love football [soccer]and play everyday. My favourite clubs are Perth Glory and Portsmouth.

I love music and can listen to pretty much anything. Music can express you in ways tha words can't.

I moved to Brisbane when I was 13 and have just graduated high school here. By the end of this year I should be gone from Australia for good! I've got a couple of offers to play professional football in the UK region which would be great and a dream come true.
During mid-November to near on mid-December I went to England and Wales with Pro Football Australia. The tour was fun and I met alot of great guys, who were all very talented footballers.

Unfortunately, especially at times like now, I don't really understand life and what it wants from me. I do however now know, that for something good to happen to you, something bad will eventually happen. I belive that God puts you on this earth for a reason, and if you give up you fail yourself and the people that care for you the most. These days, I live for fun. That's all I really want at the moment

I don't give a *bleep* what you think of me, so if you wanna bad mouth me or something, i won't take offense but i will look to prove you wrong. Either that or i'll just think you're a dumb *bleep*. But if you badmouth my friends/family i would defend them with my life. I've been known to wear my pride on my sleeve and act rather rationally, but I don't have any real regrets over things I've done. Everything has a reason and a consequence.


Playing and watching football
Metting new people
Having fun with friends
Going out


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