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Aug 15, 11 4:03pm

Your strongest Pokemon? Mine is a Lv. 100 Zekrom. It knows Draco metor,Bolt strike, Fusion bolt and Fly.it is also shiny but not hacked though. The only hacked part about it is the shinyness.not the Pokemon it's self

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Aug 15, 11 4:16am

Have you ever accidentaly ignored someone that you don't even know? That's happened to me before. I was ignoring marioorluigi each time he asked a question. :-( sorry marioorluigi.

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Aug 9, 11 12:25am

What clan are you in and what do you like about it. The clan I'm in is the pokemon master 4 Ever clan! What I like about it is that well I've just finnally made a clan! A successful one to be honest

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Jul 11, 11 9:47pm

hi my username on neo is Pokemonrayqauza. i absolutely love pokemon and video games. don't hesitate to PM me or email for anything. i only have a 3ds since my ds broke but i can still play ds games on my 3ds though
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Jul 11, 11 9:03pm

Hey out there to all the Neo peeps. come check out my youtube channel. my username is also pokemonrayqauza on youtube thanks


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Jun 22, 11 1:03am

what do you guys use too make a banner for your sig on neoseeker?i want too know so i can do it myself cause all the banners look cool that the neo peeps out there make. i think they are awesome

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Jun 22, 11 12:06am

ATTENTION:this blog is for ar code requests i use pokesav to create codes so i can only create pokemon codes for like a custom made pokemon or give you items,berries,tm's etc. like the liberty ticket or admant orb. amy other type of codes go to the pokemon fourms. i only do pokemon black and white requests.post a request here or email me.to find my email go to my profile.so now post up your requests

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Jun 21, 11 11:57pm


want to talk about pokemon the games i have are pokemon plaatinum,diamond,soulsilver,mystery...

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Jun 20, 11 4:04pm

want to talk about pokemon the games i have are pokemon plaatinum,diamond,soulsilver,mystery dungeon explorers of sky and darkness, black,and white.we can talk about hte anime and every thing action replay codes to pokesav codes your favorite pokemon faqs too

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Feb 7, 11 9:16am

chase sundiata


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