hello, here is what i have for trade, shiny legends: giratena latios latias shaymin groudon lugia ho oh dialga suicune entei

Hello i have a few things for trade Here is what i ahve for trade. Shinys: Latios Latias Salamace Goodra Lugia Rayquaza Pyro

Hello i am looking for: Shiny Nicknamable Female Amaura Shiny Rayquaza Shiny Shinx Shiny Celabee Shiny Garatena Shiny N

Hello, Im looking for a Female SHiny Amaura that can be nicknamed. idc about the IVs as long as its fare what with im trading

I have a Fire Safari with Pyroar Growlith and Ninetales im mainly looking for a Dragon Safari with SLiggo in it but any will

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wyODsSVdgtDvUyFSzOJViETIT8qGXo0eNfVQdYtDRKQ/edit?usp=sharing This is the link for the sh

Hello, I have Shinys and normals for trade and all are on this Spread Sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0A

im looking for a shiny salamance,fossil shinies,starter shinies, shiny goodra, and shiny legends i have for trade a shiny zo

Mine is a Shiny Goodra (my Photo) what are you guys' favorite pkm?

ranked down some how :(
ranked down some how :

Hia, Im looking for certain shinys and i have certain shinys.(starting off my carrer as a shiny trader Yay!) Ninetails Char

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