I really do hope Sakurai delivers on more than a simple Rayman trophy. I know he likes to troll... read more

Full Kurama mode is probably what they were getting at as he couldn't use it in previous games... read more

Money has dried up and now she's resorting to lawsuits and suing companies, I look like the new... read more

My original thought was villain but that soon flew out the window with the images. Created... read more

This site finally gets down to post about this then again this was a Jump article rather than E3... read more

Want to be disappointed continuously? Watch an E3 show.....bring on the 2nd gaming industry crash!

My birthday is 5 days after this. I think some persuasion is needed when concerning my older... read more

Nintendo can't mess this up but they will.....some how I just have this awful feeling and I'm as... read more

My other half and I were just glad to finally get a damn release date for it in Europe, then to... read more

^^ Agreed. I love the ideas that the video has shown but unless they fix the bugs then it's... read more

As long as Nintendo doesn't go the way of Capcom when it comes to DLC then where is the problem?... read more

Would I be greedy to ask for a gameplay trailer for Battlefront rather than pre-rendered-made-for-E3-trailer? Probably read more

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Baby Luigi is back! Now to dominate online with a bike with nice handling and watch as no blue shells touch me in 1st read more

likes Jeremy's status update: "Hah, eat it, storm. I lived."

The fact the 3DS version is playable means that it's not going to be out whilst August

I say that... read more

My friend became a man, I'm so proud of you! read more

The multiplayer for my 1st time was literally watching both teams swapping positions in a circle... read more

I cannot be the only person who just lost his shit at the Smash Bros news? Truly incredible! Sad I may not have Lucas back or pkmn trainer.