The multiplayer for my 1st time was literally watching both teams swapping positions in a circle... read more

I cannot be the only person who just lost his shit at the Smash Bros news? Truly incredible! Sad I may not have Lucas back or pkmn trainer.
Completely hooked on Bravely Default! So damn amazing!

The micro-transactions aren't even that bad, it's just to spend real money to speed up the SP... read more

played the demo when it came out and good god I'm super glad I'm from the UK right now! I managed... read more

started a discussion titled "Gold Series 2014" in Yu-Gi-Oh!
likes Jeremy's status update: "Well I've smoked the Bible. I can say that now."
If one thing becomes a reality before I die, it is the creation of the Strike Freedom Gundam because seeing world peace start with a bang!

We have a JPN release date yet they are very techy about revealing a EU release date, I suspect... read more

why would they make Latias and Latios the same colour for megaevolution, granted red and blue... read more

likes Jeremy's status update: "I got high, and I got free candy. Best night ever!"

The thing is I've seen people wanting these things on GTS for about a week + now, How did they... read more

I wanted to try the alpha but anyone who tells you this was a bad idea cancelling this train wreck... read more

7 years with the missus as of today, get on my level folks!

Confirmed to be calling Tyrantum, Jason or Connor. +1 respect if anyone who gets why read more

likes Jeremy's status update: "I really like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I think I have for as long as I remember. Crazy."

A free Hyrule Historia too!? I already bought mine for £30 so it's a good deal for the game 2 week... read more

Gotta say that the Trainer theme and wild pokemon theme for X/Y kick ass, rival theme sounds like gen 5 which is fine
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likes Jeremy's status update: "Won the Vanguard Prerelease!"

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You guys don't get it, you are actually getting THOUSANDS of dollars of value with...
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Any idea when this will be on in terms of GMT, I'm british and really want to catch this from the word go. read more