Want to be disappointed continuously? Watch an E3 show.....bring on the 2nd gaming industry crash!
I cannot be the only person who just lost his shit at the Smash Bros news? Truly incredible! Sad I may not have Lucas back or pkmn trainer.
Completely hooked on Bravely Default! So damn amazing!
If one thing becomes a reality before I die, it is the creation of the Strike Freedom Gundam because seeing world peace start with a bang!
7 years with the missus as of today, get on my level folks!
Gotta say that the Trainer theme and wild pokemon theme for X/Y kick ass, rival theme sounds like gen 5 which is fine
Oh Hi there Bujin you sexy archtype you :P
One day I'm going to do my neck and back in permanently and it'll be my own fault
Come at me 6th Gen
feels damn good beating some of the best on table at Playstation all stars battle royal, me and the younger brother providing boots to asses
It's safe to say, Alcohol and Ron Wasserman is a good mix at the moment
CnC Ultimate collection for £25 + early beta for Generals 2?!?! PLAY here I come!!
Constantly debating on shit these days. :/
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