Happy birthday friend!

I hope you have an awesome day, and eat lots of cake!

Thought you might like this stamp, so I cooked it up just for you.

Hope you get everything you want on your special day.

C-ya around birthday boy!

Thank you for making it i love it and finally i got some points WOOT.Yay me!!!Here is my stamp.
Thank you for making it i love it and finally i got some points WOOT.Yay me!!!Here is my stamp.
just might thought you want to see it:

also check out my digital portfolio if you want

my digiport
YOU KNOW WHO IT IS! yea it's me just thought i would drop by and sighn your guest book

you like? it's a stamp from my favorite anime. foolycooly!
heres my stamp just for being a friend:

its a girl from the new ds game children of mana .

see you around the poke' forums

Hey there; thanks for the sign! I was reading your profile and it looks like Majjin and I aren't the only drummers around!

That's cool.

Here is my stamp; it's Reno from Advent Children.

Hope you like it! Thanks for being so nice to me; PM me anytime! I look forward to talking to you.

Exuse me but in my gb you said i was a boy!!!!Read my profile!!!!!!If you do you will know that i am a GIRL!!!!!! I'm not mad or anything i'm just saying before you meet somebody, read their profile first. oh here's my stamp!!!!!!!!:)!!!!!!
Here's a stamp:

Sign Back!
Hey! How's it going??? Thanks for signing my guestbook! You know you're right about Buddy Rich. I've seen some videos of him playing and he is just AWESOME!!!! I think it's crazy how he go so fast all over the tom-toms and the snare in TRADITIONAL GRIP!!!! Just amazing. Also, about the bands who can forget the original rock band The Beatles!!! Aparently me.....Any way ya wanna be Friends?? Pm me sometime soon my Funk Brother!!!
Yeah me too.. That guy rocks, he is one of my idols in the world of drumming along with Eric Carr(KISS)&"Wild" Mick Brown(Dokken). What does a moderator do?(Sorry I'm new much like my friend "The Esteemed" Striker16) What kind of music you like listening too? Seems like Classic Rock because you like Neil Peart so much(nothin wrong with idolizm). Well, Classic Rock is my favorite and my favorites are KISS,Dokken,Ted Nugent and Rush.
thankyou for helping me I was still geting ust to neoseeker I appreciate it alot I hope you reach your goal and good luck with your drums I play the guitar

Forgot his name
i haveIT! no yes no yes no ......ok i dont have it enjoy
Wtf? You didn't sign? What was I looking at then?

Lmao, sign back anyway please. Thanks...

Black Darkness
Hey pokemon master.

Well, to be honest, I've never even spoke to you but a big thanks for the guestbook signing. So here, as promised, is my sign return...

Black Darkness
Here is a stamp just for you!!PM me anytime you want too!!