Happy late birthday for me.
Can someone please remind me of anything fun to do on this planet. I'm serious.
long time no see mrs pokemon o.o
Who's that guy in your profile picture!? :o
I am done being pushed around! Today I fight like a man! ....... Right after I finish this lollipop.
Now what was I supposed to tell you.....
Now what was I supposed to tell you........
I'll be boarding the plane soon, see ya all on the other side.
You forgot to close it )
I'm just thinking how funny it would be if someone dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and murdered someone. :0

As seen in the screenshots on the official Pokemon ORAS site, the showcased stone icons next to the names of Groudon and Kyog

E3 was awesome today, I can't wait for the Nintendo press conference tomorrow.
Mega Sceptile FTW!!!

Now this is just a small dropped thought, but is it possible that Blaziken gets another Mega Evo like Charizard and Mewtwo? I

Apparently Groudon and Kyogre's new forms known as Primal/Prehistoric/Primeval Groudon \ Kyogre. They are said to have

Those sign posts scattered across the walls and ledges of the Pokemon world that gave you a small piece of beginner informati

So awesome, that I could sleep with my eyes closed. *shades*

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