World Nobles... Slaves... Human shops... Against the "purity" of these "upper classes", the villains of the world look positively humane in comparison. It's because the world's in the hands of scum like them that it's all screwed to hell... I mean, we're not the nicest of guys, but at least we're honest about it. - Eustass Captain Kid, One Piece
Long time no see, pokemaniac!

Have you ever been in that moment, when something happened to you that was really strange, and you just didn't know what

It's scientifically proven that people are more likely to believe something you tell them if you tell them that it's scientifically proven.

Those little things that pop up at the top and bottom of your page, except if you have Neo+ cause like wtf? >> Do yo

I'm currently watching One Piece, Naruto (What newly airs of it anyway), and if you want to consider it an Anime then the

So I recently bought One Piece: Pirate Warriors Treasure Edition, it includes all DLC's but I have to redeem the code fro

ImaLuffylolyeah. :D Awwwwsumsaaaussss.

Take teh quiz at heeeeeere:

One Piece Character Quiz!!!
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Here's another game to add to my collection. TheLegendofZelda 3DS

And by official I'm being literal, some people take it as a joke, and others say he's just misunderstood, well guess

You should join
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Damn paintballs hurt like hell, and bowling balls are heavy as hell.

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