After 9 months of owning a PSP, I finally managed to get a game for it...LOL! Until now, I was only using it for an MP3! KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep PSP
i wanted this game, but didn't have a i have a wii, and they don't sell the game anymore! not kool! PokemonColosseum GC
i once beat the game in only 6hrs! PokemonDiamond DS
one of my friends just gave it to me after completing the game...but he doesn't want me to restart it. so not fair. PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorersOfSky DS
oh...i remember playing this game as a lil kid...such fun memories. Kirby64TheCrystalShards N64
虎猫 wuz here!
i hate the golf-cart-guy at the high school level...HE RUNS U OVER!!! >:( TonyHawksProSkater2 N64
i wanted this one, but got heartgold instead, which is still fun. PokemonSoulSilverVersion DS
i've been playing for 22:38 hrs, and im about to challenge the pkmn league!!! PokemonHeartGoldVersion DS
even when i first bought the game (when i was 6), it STILL only took a few days to beat... HeyYouPikachu N64
Nintendo SERIOUSLY needs to make a pokemon snap 2!!! with like, 300 pkmn to shoot! oh...and you get to WALK AROUND!!! PokemonSnap N64
the pokemon on here are really cute! KAWAII!!! MyPokemonRanch Wii
i rally want it for the wii or gamecube, not the ds. AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
i cant have a real i went for the next best thing: a virtual one! NintendogsDachshundandFriends DS
i was very disapointed in this game; it only took me 4 days to 100% beat it! MySimsKingdom DS
kinda fun. but it's alot funner if you have a big, open area to play it in. SambaDeAmigo Wii
i've started the game as luigi, finally... SuperMarioGalaxy Wii
mini games are ok...i guess. PokemonStadium2 N64


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