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love Christina Grimmie or die
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love Christina Grimmie or die. %u2026poof. you die.
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[says] even though my life is just a single drop, every drop leaves ripples.
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May 20, 11 11:08pm

Sorry for taking so long. To be honest, I completely
went blank on where to go with this story. I’ll try and
keep it going- though I don’t think I’ll be very successful.
Anyways- here it is.


Remember Me
Chapter Three:: † ::The Battle Victory

“If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song…”

She stood the roof, ready to jump. She couldn’t handle it anymore. The constant bullying that lay on her, bringing her to never smile. It was like nothing she ever knew before. This little eight-year old never knew what suicide was. Or being emo. Or being extremely depressed. All she knew was that she wanted it to end. She wasn’t the type of girl who would tattle on the person of authority if she was called a name or two. No- she would fight back. But she would never win. This little girl would come home with fresh scrapes and bruises upon her knees. She just wanted to be with her mommy. She didn’t know that taking her own life would send her to a completely different place. Eight-years old… ready to jump. Falling… with no trampoline below her. But something stopped her. A tug at heart. A towboat, pulling her away from what she wanted to end. The little eight-year old… all grown up…

“What do you think?” Lacey asked her tattered Webkinz Dalmatian. There for her- through the good and the bad. No longer white- never being washed. Lacey was too afraid to all the memories it’s tinted color held. She didn’t want them to wash away.

Now, sitting on the roof, Lacey thought of the memory she had of jumping off her own home roof. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same. No longer was she living in the egg-shell white, one story home. The little cottage in South Carolina. Nope. Now it was an off-yellow two story in sunny California. The wind engulfed her next words, blowing them away before they even escaped her mouth.

I’m all grown up… not an eight-year old…

Lacey held the stuffed dog in front of her face. She gently chuckled.
“What am I supposed to do?” she asked. She didn’t expect a reply, but she needed one. “I know he’s not the right choice… But I’m afraid.”

“Leave her alone! She doesn’t like it!”

Little Lacey-Rose was back to the ground, clutching her bleeding knee. She watched it amazement as the boy stood up for her- not on the other side pushing her right back down. Hope was glinting in her eyes.

“Go away! Stop being bullies!”

The little boy which stood upon her was another little eight-year old. But never would she think that he would one day be her best friend. The bullies ran, leaving the boy and Lacey.
“Who are you?” asked Lacey, afraid he was another bully, just like every other kid in the school.
“My name’s Sam Johnson. What’s your name?”

That name… even Lacey knew it to this day. But that name would never again know hers… After little Sam moving away to California, Lacey was once again alone. And that’s when she wanted to jump. But it seemed that tug… that towboat that pulled her away- it was an everlasting friendship that had started… and wasn’t going to end. It was a boy named Sam Johnson. But she could never fully remember that friendship with Logan around. He reminded Lacey of the bullies in South Carolina. Lacey even remembered one of the main bully’s name being Logan. But there was no possible way for it to be him. It just wasn’t. She knew that for a fact.


Lacey slowly climbed back through her window and to her bed, where her Blackberry phone lay beeping. Text message- from Logan.

I’m coming to take you somewhere.

Lacey thought about just saying ‘okay’, but painful memories ringed in her ears.

No. I don’t like you Logan… I never will again. I was stupid for making a mistake of accepting you. It’s over.

[Five minutes later…]

Fine. I’ll find another girl. I don’t need your ugly face anyway. I can’t believe I even went out with you.

Tears of joy flooded from Lacey’s eyes. It was over. She did it. She won. The pain is over. Nothing is going to stop her. Nothing is going to hold her back. Nothing is going to cause her pain.

The battle is over.


Sorry for a short post. I just realized this would’ve been a better ending for the very
end of the story. Eh- that’s alright! I’m currently obsessed with ‘If I Die Young’ by
The Band Perry. I could just imagine it playing throughout this chapter.

Who else is extremely mad/sad/mixed emotion-ized that Lauren Alaina is in the top
two and NOT Haley Reinhart?? Haley deserved it. And Scotty- I love him. Literally-
L.O.V.E.. (That does not stand for anything.)

Summer is almost here! Three days left of school for me- Monday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday!! Then it’ll be summer and I’ll hopefully keep it going on this story!!
And wish me luck- I have a talent show on Monday! I’ll be singing Bubbly by Colbie
Caillat. Wish me extra luck because I’m getting sick and because I’m gonna be busy
In Disneyland on Saturday and Sunday without any time to practice!!

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Apr 9, 11 9:59pm
even if my life is just a single drop, every drop leaves ripples
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Mar 28, 11 4:06pm
don't say others are trying to change me... it's my own self
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Mar 22, 11 10:27am
dont say others are trying to change me its my own self
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Mar 21, 11 9:33pm
dont say others are trying to change me its my own self
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Mar 12, 11 3:25pm

Although the main focus of this overall story is
Lacey-Rose, I will throw in others chapters that
focus on her friends. Anyway… enjoy!!


Remember Me
Chapter One:: † ::Unexpected Confusion

If there is one guy that every girl hit on, it’s Samuel Johnson. He’s the ‘lady’s man’ as those would refer to. Even girls with a boyfriend will drool over his muscular frame, messy, light brown hair, and perfect smile. When somebody is that handsome and popular, he should have a girlfriend. But, no. Sam has refused to date ever since his last girlfriend died in a severe car accident last year. However, deep down, Sam believes that there is someone he knows. Someone so close to him, and their both waiting for each other. He just hasn’t realized it yet.
As with all students, Monday is the worst day of the week. Everyone is tired and cranky. It’s no different for Sam, he’s a normal teenager too!
Sighing, he smoothly walked the halls as every girl stopped to stare. Every so often, he would pass a couple or two that clearly were in love. Sam deeply yearned for that feeling again. He wanted to feel like he would have to go the extra mile for someone. He shook the thought of it out of his head, quickening his pace. Sam almost passed his friends, but luckily he could tell Annie’s laugh from a mile away.

“Hey, Sam!” squealed Abby. Sam paid no attention to her as he looked around the group- no Lacey. He frowned.
“What? Oh, um, hi,” he stumbled. Just then he saw Lacey. He smiled and she quickly was making her way to the group. But, she was called by Logan from across the hall. With a Sorry, catch up with you later look in her eyes, she walked over to Logan.
“Why does she like… that?” Mitch asked with anger. He huffed through his nose, causing Annie to comfort him out of his I-want-to-kill-Logan mood. Sam, still staring at Lacey and Logan, tapped his foot furiously as the two made out. Lacey seemed hesitant, but Logan was forceful. Slowly, Logan released her, smiling. She broke a faint smile, and he grabbed her hand.
“Oh God…” Sam moaned, as they all stared at the two walking over to the group. Abby and Annie stood their ground with attitude, Mitch and Ty crossed their arms. Sam simply stood, watching, he barely even turned his body to face them.
“Hey priccys,” Logan mocked, puling Lacey away from what was going to be a hug for Abby. “Don’t expect to see her today. I’m gonna take her somewhere…” he stated, squeezing her waist, as she looked at him questioningly.
“I don’t wa-” Lacey spoke, but, once again, Logan cut her off.
“I’m gonna take you somewhere,” he argued, looking at her with intense eyes. She backed down, and Logan smiled almost diabolically. With that, Logan and Lacey made their way down the hall, off to who knows where.

The group decided not to talk about the two- Monday was already horrible enough. The first bell rang seconds later, leaving the group to all go separate ways. As Sam was almost to his 1st period class, he was tapped on the shoulder from behind. Lacey was quickly being dragged away by Logan, but she managed to smile and wave at him. It took Sam a second to process what just happened, and then he waved casually back. We walked into his English class, slumping down into a back-row seat. The teacher, Mrs. Olsen, stood at her desk, staring down the clock as the final bell rang. She quickly jotted down notes of the current lesson… And Sam paid no attention.

When lunch rolled around, Sam’s stomach loudly rumbled, basically telling him that it wants food. He sat down on the creaky, wood picnic bench with his lunch in front of him. Greasy pizza, a spoonful of mashed potatoes, and carrots made to look like cringle-fries- yum, Sam’s favorite. Mitch and Ty sat across from him, and the girls were nowhere to be seen. He took one bite of the pizza and threw in lunch in the trash. He frowned at the cardboard taste in his mouth. But his day brightened when he saw Annie and Abby walking over, with Lacey trailing behind. The three of them all had a single bag of McDonald’s in their hands, and the aroma made people from all over the lunch room plead for a fry. Sam got up and walked around to the other side of the table, and the girls sat across from them. Abby took out an extra cheeseburger for Ty. Annie took out a chicken wrap for Mitch. And Lacey took out a coke and medium-sized bag of fries for Sam. She looked at him with a dreary look.

“Sorry I couldn’t get you a cheeseburger, Logan took the two dollars I was going to use to buy it with for you,” Lacey confessed, Sam laughed at the worry with her voice.
“No problem, thanks anyway,” he replied, digging into his fries.
“Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, OH. MY. GOD.” panicked Abby, as she started searching around in her school bag.
“What happened?” Ty asked casually as he downed his school-bought milk carton.
“I think I left my wallet at McDonald’s,” she said, standing up and checking her back pockets. Lacey started cracking up hysterically and we all stared at her. “Why are you laughing!!”

Sam stared at her as she looked so happy, laughing at Abby’s conniption. He smiled at her- she hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time.

“You didn’t bring your wallet!” Lacey laughed, now calming down, her cheeks as red as apples.
“What?” Abby asked, very confused.
“You said that you only brought the money because you thought you actually were going to leave it at Micky D’s,” Lacey replied Abby now slowly sat down, looking embarrassed. But they all took a second to look at one another, and laugh.

Lunch finished quicker than usual, which meant there was either a fire/earthquake/bus drill, or school was going to be let out early. And this week, was early week due to parent-teacher conferences. Time zoomed by in fourth, fifth, and sixth. And before Sam knew it, school was out and everyone was frantically rushing around. He managed to find Ty and Mitch, as they all walked out onto the big football field, dressed in their football gear. The whole team started running laps around the field. He saw Abby and Annie run out from the girls locker room, dressed in jogging shorts and tank tops. Mitch, Ty, and Sam all exchanged Oh, no glances. They finished their laps as Abby and Annie went into the gym from the side entrance. Sam and Mitch sat on the bench as Ty was called out for practicing field goals.

“What do you think they were doing?” Sam asked, laughing as Ty slipped on his back after he kicked the ball.
“No idea, maybe- Oh my god,” Mitch said, shocked. Sam ‘hm?’-ed him as he sipped from his water bottle. Mitch pointed to the girl’s locker room door. Sam turned his head, only to be staring at a confused Lacey-Rose Bennett. She was equally dressed in jogging shorts and a tank top, her hair pulled into a high ponytail. Sam half-choked on his water and he stared at her in amazement as she held two pale-green and sky-blue pom-poms in her hands. She glanced over to where Sam and Mitch sat, Mitch still pointing. She put her head down and quickly walked into the gym.
“Lacey… a cheerleader!?” Sam asked in astonishment.
“Oh my god,” Mitch said, once again. Sam slapped him upside the head and they jogged out to the coach in the middle of the field, along with the rest of the team.

After dinner that night, Sam sat in bed, wanting to fall asleep. And then a thought came through his mind…
Didn’t Logan say that he was taking Lacey somewhere?


Sorry for such a suck-y chapter, I’ve been on
writer’s block since the 5th, and that’s also
why this (suck-y) chapter came out two weeks
late. Plus I’ve been sick for two weeks. But
anyway… expect (hopefully) a good chapter next
week. Sorry. And although the last line of this
sentince seems unimportant... trust me, you will
be blown away by what happens next. ;)

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Okay, I’m getting started! I’m not following
real dates. This story is going at its own pace.


Remember Me
Chapter One:: † ::The Party Begins

Parties. Something everybody enjoys. It’s the time of having fun. In high school, it just happens to be the time when parties are what give you your reputation. You have to invite the right people, otherwise say goodbye to popularity. But only one person could be less excited about a party. And that girl is Lacey-Rose Bennett. She’s never liked going to parties. To her, it’s just a time that people get crazy. She would rather die.

“Honey, I want you back by midnight,” said Lacey’s overprotective father.
“Don’t worry daddy, I’ll be back sooner that you expect,” replied Lacey, turning pages of her book, Dead is the New Black. Her phone rattled in her back pocket. It was a call from her boyfriend, Logan McPaledan.
“Hello?” she said, with a flat voice.
“Hey, babes. Be there in a little bit. Hadda drop my sister off at her ballet practice,” laughed Logan, clearly picking up on her I-couldn’t-care-less voice.

Lacey sighed, walking into the party house. She couldn’t turn down an invite from long-time friend, Abigail Porter. Abby was known for her parties. She was head of everything: cheerleading, yearbook and leadership committee. She could’ve been president to of the United States if she wanted to.
Logan dragged Lacey across the room to where his bad-boy friends were. She had to hang out with them ever since Logan and she started dating. She never liked them, she usually just zoned out while they talked about every hot girl in school. Logan even did it. He was never liked by Lacey’s friends. They always bugged her to leave him. But she couldn’t. There was a secret she kept from everyone. That secret mainly led to her not caring about anything anymore. She learned not to show emotion.
“Lacey, you okay?”
“Huh?” Lacey was once again lost in thought. “Oh, uh, yeah.”
“Sure?” Lacey nodded at Logan question. “Well, okay… you can go hang out with your little priccy group now if you want.”

Lacey smiled. She was used to Logan making rude remarks about her friends. But he usually never let her leave his side if they had any time together. She bowed her head down and Logan gave her a kiss on the forehead. Logan rubbed her arm and walked away. Lacey searched around for Abigail, or Anna Hewitt, her other long-time friend.
Lacey turned around to see Tyler Carson, Abby’s boyfriend, making his way through the crowd to me. We hugged.
“Hey! Do you know where Abby is?”
“Yeah, we’re all hanging out on her back porch,” he grabbed my wrist and we made our way through the crowd.

Lacey sat down on the floor in between Abby and Annie. Samuel Johnson, Mitchel Michealson, and Tyler were fighting over whether the school football game was home or away. After five minutes of the three girls just staring at them, as they fought, Lacey got annoyed.
“Ty!” she yelled, getting no reply. The girls tried the other two and there was no reply. Now she was really bugged.
“GUYS!” the three boys got quite, froze, and stared at her. “The game is at home.”
“Ha!” said Sam, punching the two in their arms.
I sighed. “So… yet another party Abby?”
“Yes, yet another party,” she replied, giving a laugh.
“Why do you have to invite me to every party you have though?” Lacey whined, ruffling her hand through her carrot-orange air. “You know I don’t like them.”
“You’re my best friend, I have to invite you,” Abby said, as Ty came next to her and grasped her hand.

About two hours later, the party settled down and most people left. Annie, Ty, Sam, and Mitch were still over, helping Abby clean up. Logan’s boys had left awhile before the actual party ended, leaving Logan to force Lacey to stay with him. Logan put his arm around Lacey’s waist in an attempt to make Lacey’s friends mad.
“Bye, priccys,” Logan smirked, flashing Lacey’s friends a peace sign.
“Bye Lac-“ Sam began to say, before Logan cut him off.
“We’re leaving Lacey.”
“Okay,” Lacey said nervously as Logan dragged her out of the house and into his car.

Lacey rested her head on her arms which lay on the windowsill on Logan’s car. Her hair wiped across her face is the wind and Logan was playing music, not paying attention to her. Then one of Lacey’s favorite songs came on…

‘Made a wrong turn, once or twice
Dug my way out, blood and fire
Bad decisions, that's alright
Welcome to my silly life
Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
Miss 'No way, it's all good', it didn't slow me down
Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated
Look, I'm still around…’

“God, Lacey, would you stop!” Logan said, pulling her shirt so she was now looking ahead. Logan turned the radio off and sped up.
Lacey sighed.
“Sorry…” she replied. She glanced downs at her arms. They were covered in small, faded bruises up and down. She tried not to think about it, but a horrible night danced in her mind. The way anger had quickly spread across his face as rain pounded his bedroom window. They way he looked at her and raised his hand…
Logan had done it quite often since then. Then being about six months ago, which was only three months after they started dating. It was something no one knew about. And the reason Lacey stopped caring. The reason that she couldn’t break up with him… But Lacey found it easier to just keep him happy.
The car jerked to a stop. Lacey snapped out of her thinking state. “Your house,” Logan said, pulling her arm to get Lacey to face him. She hesitated, but she kissed him anyway. He put his hand on her cheek and kissed her more. Lacey pulled away from him, and he stared at her in a loving gaze. She couldn’t help but smile at how sweet he could be sometimes. “I’ll see you later babes.”
Lacey nodded and got out of the car, shutting the door behind her. He sped away, his tires splashing water at Lacey from the gutter. Rain pounded on her as she stood there in the rain.
“Darling, is that you? Do come inside Lacey, you’re going to catch a cold,” her father called from the now open front door. Lacey rushed inside. She went upstairs and changed into her pajamas. Her father sat down on the couch with popcorn and Lacey cuddled up next to him. Their tradition was to watch a movie together every Sunday night. And tonight was no exception. He turned the TV on and popped in a disk. They laughed as their favorite movie, Napoleon Dynamite, started.

It was times like these that Lacey was truly happy.


How was that? I thought it was pretty
good for the first chapter. I’ll probably
start on the second chapter soon. I hope
you guys liked it. It gave you some of
Lacey’s back story without revealing too much.
It's 1,197 words (almost 2,000!). Too short?
Or a good size for the first chapter??

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Feb 21, 11 6:36am

I'm deciding to start my own blog!! I'm going to be using it for writing stories.


This story is called Remember Me. It's all about a mixed up life of an average american girl. But what she doesn't know... her life it going to be turned upside down. (Sappy, I know.)

Here are the characters. The story will be written in third person point-of-view. There will also be parts about the other people, that way it stays suspenseful. :D


Name:: Lacey-Rose Bennett
Nickname:: Lacey
Age:: 15
Year:: Sophmore
Hobbies:: Vandalising, graffiti, art, dancing, and not caring.

Name:: Samuel Johnson
Nickname:: Sam
Age:: 16
Year:: Sophmore
Hobbies:: Partying, playing guitar, and playing football.

Name:: Abigail Porter
Nickname:: Abby
Age:: 15
Year:: Sophmore
Hobbies:: Sleeping, playing soccer, and flirting.

Name:: Tyler Carson
Nickname:: Ty
Age:: 16
Year:: Sophmore
Hobbies:: Partying, pulling pranks, playing football, hanging out with his girlfriend, Abigail.

Name:: Anna Hewitt
Nickname:: Annie
Age:: 16
Year:: Sophmore
Hobbies:: Figure skating, designing clothes with her mother, and vacationing.

Name:: Mitchel Michealson
Nickname:: Mitch
Age:: 15
Year:: Sophmore
Hobbies:: Anything sporty, hanging with friends, flirting, and playing the piano.


Pictures of everyone can be found in my gallery!!


I'm excited to be able to start writing!! :D

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House of Anubis lover FOREVER!!
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I kinda think Roleplays on Neoseeker are sorta more fun than the actual HM: AP...
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I kinda think [Roleplay] Dear Diary: Open! is more fun than HM: AP... I wish HM: AP was like that thread!

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