i have a ditto safari! im looking for a safari with a ditto, but I only have one slot left on my friends list so..... if any

i have a ditto safari :D but since i only have a few slots left in my friends list.... im looking for some pokemon you can

I have phiones and i wanna trade them. im looking for either any shiny (which i know im not gonna get) and cofagrigus, it do

Im looking for a cofagrigus, ill trade feebas, protean froakies or sylveon for one. Please i would really like one :)

im trading feebas and protean froakies so i can complete my pokedex, I need about 40 more pokemon these pokemon are: tenta

I have some shinies i wanna trade these include: servine dragonair braixen gyarados octillery panpour Im looking

i have these shinies: dragonair braixen octillery gyarados panpour im looking for other shinies to trade leave your

Im looking for a fire safari with ponyta, ninetales, charmeleon and/or growlithe and im also looking for an electric safari

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