Best wrestling game to date, (Exept for No Mercy)Great CAW and CAF And I like story editor too!!! Gimme a... WWESmackDownVsRAW2010 PS3
Played a little of it.Great,so far! HalfLife PC
Same engine as X-Men legends.Better looking cut- scenes,though MarvelUltimateAlliance PS2
Havent gotten around to playing it just yet MarvelNemesisRiseOfTheImperfects PSP
I haven't played it yet.I've only had my 2 systems for only 2 years(6 month's for PS2)A couple of years for the X-Box,so I haven't... TMNT Wii
I won the Indy 500 3 times now on hard level.Must have it on the hardest level for most realistic racing experience and collecting more... IndyCarSeries2005 Xbox
The 2nd Sega collection they released rocks!Sonic Vectorman 1 and 2(which I have completed) Golden Axe Altered beast Kid... SegaGenesisCollection PS2
Fun,Like Mario kart or Crash Bandicoot's racing game!Awesome tracks to race on!3-cups to race in(1 you have to unlock after completing... PacManWorldRally PSP
Great!,But can't save on a PS2 mem.card PacManWorld20thAnniversary PSX
Awsesome.It's inspired me to get the metal slug Anthology! SNKArcadeClassicsVol1 Wii
A great collection,Although it's harder than the original series! MegaManXCollection Xbox
Fun,Sometimes difficult.Awesome collection!Brings back memories of when I got Megaman 3 for my NES back in 1990! MegaManAnniversaryCollection Xbox
Wow!A great compilation of classic games: 1942 1943 1943* 3 street fighter 2 games Commando Mercs Bionic commando Legendary... CapcomClassicsCollection PS2
More great classics like: Varth Stryder 3 Wonders The Original street fighter Street fighter 2:Turbo Captain Commando and even A... CapcomClassicsCollectionVol2 PS2
I played it and liked it!4 characters to play as at 1 time.Can't get better than that!-(At least by original X-Box standards) XMenLegends Xbox
Haven't had A chance to play this one yet!!! XMenLegends2RiseOfApocalypse PSP

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