Jay_Z platimum droogon
Jun 25, 06 10:09am
Thanks for signing my guestbook!

When you signed my Guestbook you said you're signing 'cause I helped you make a link out of a banner? I don't really remember that, I don't even remember seeing you in the Forums.

But thanks for signing anyway. And I'm glad I could help you out (even though I don't know you)
Maximus 3 platimum droogon
Jun 16, 06 8:53am
I got a new stamp or is that stamps... oh well each of my friends will get one or the other and your one is this

Enjoy and please sign back
Vicarious platimum droogon
Jun 06, 06 6:52am
Thx for sighning my guest book now I will sighn yours here are some pictures I made they suck but there my firsts. http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h195/thingguy/imadethiscopy.jpg
Like umm I dont soooo hows it going.my favorite games(not in order).FFX(like or not i love it beat it 4 times),DMC3(awsome fighter game alot of blood and killing),KH(i just love it)star ocean till the end of time(great game),legen of dragoon(i lika dragons),and FF8(just great)so im 13 and live in usa theres all you need to know.
FantasyGirl4 platimum droogon
May 28, 06 4:27am
lol...thanks for signing the guestbook...and I don't have any pie and chips, sorry...I wish I did though. If you ever saw the Geiko commercial, that's where I got it from... lol...:-)
greedyfodder platimum droogon
May 17, 06 7:10am
Saw you in KH2 forum.

Stupid feild length: lkjdsgflaskdgbfsakdjfashdfkjhalshfdlahsdfhbdvnkjeb
DQ Maniac platimum droogon
Jul 28, 05 7:58pm
Don't you mean platinum dragoon? Man I think you better get Redemption to fix your name, no offense.