i dont konw i do that..............
its a force of habit............... 13.......i live in arizona........i dunno why im typing this in.......
on january 21st i type this: i like pretty much most animie, im pretty saracastic sometimes but nice alot of other times.
On januardy 22nd, 06:did user review on Dual Hearts and got avatar of a platimum fayt. I found this site with KH2 Seppy battle, on 4/20/06... or... Im not sure but whatever.... again, on 4/21 i put this for "I'm blue dabudee dabudie" and On April 30, 2006, I changed my avatar thanks to tallteen86 from fayt to sora. here. And my uhh.... the thingy under the avatar from "Get over the past, or else!" too "Avatar thanks to "tallteen86" thanks!?


vidio games, yo-yos, etc. my games are pokemon, stadium, stadium 2, blue, red, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, emerald, ruby, and saffire. i also like paper mario, mario kart, mario 64,Final Fantasy 7, Legend of the Dragoon, halo, halo 2 (didnt finish cause i dont own it) star ocean till the end of time, final fantrasy anthrologys, final fantasy chronicles and some more.
i add this on january 21st: i like animie, mainly fma, inuyasha, the inuyasha movies, 1,2, and uh... i dunno what number it is but its title is inuyasha and the crimson scar or something, cowboy beep bop, cowboy beep bop the movie, escaflowne was a bit bloody but good, naruto is okay, my friend told me bleach is a good animie, yu yu hakasho is so so, dragon ball z sucks!!!!
On january 22nd:just remembered, i like the movie princess monokea or something, and spirted away to a point.


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Review: Dual Hearts - Dual Hearts

Jan 22, 2006

Your default name is Rumble and your partner's deafault name (who appears a little later) is Tumble. You are a young treasure hunter who wants to find the dream stone, and goes to Sono Island for it. While that is happening, in the land of...



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