_H_ey Breeders ! I have only starte _H_ey Breeders ! I have only starte

Hey guys, just trying to breed Pokemon with cute pokeballs and great egg moves :3 I have only started off, so if you have an Welcome to my breeding shop :3 Cu

Hey guys, i just wanted help filling in the kalos pokedex. I was thinking for every 8 pokemon to be helped out I would give y These are all my flawless kalos shinies for These are all my flawless shinies for trade!

Trying to hatch a 5iv flawless shiny horsea... Hmmm <3
Can now clone <3 But that will not kill my ambition to breed hehe
Breeding 5iv Goomys now.. What to breed next??
Breeding 5 IV drought Vulpixes with hypnotize <3
HA 5iv eevees inclusive of wish and yawn coming out soon!!!
5 IV trained eevees FT!
LF IV trained eevees or dittos!! :)
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