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Aug 04, 11 6:04am

Howdy guys, it's August 4th, and it's like 12:55 pm (in Michigan) and I'm at my best friend Cam's house. But today, the comment question is; Where did you learn to drive? Post YOUR answer in the comment section below, or on facebook or email it to avgnfan@*snip*. That's all for today, but make sure to check out my frien Tim on Youtube, just search "NintendoCaprisun". And that's that, I'm Tyler, and I approve this message.

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Feb 01, 11 10:05am

Today I ate poptarts for breakfast then my Mom left to the store so I watched TV. My Mom brought me back Mountain Dew and a chocolate bar. Then I played Little Big Planet 2, working on my level; Disaster Strike. Then I went with my Mom to get gas and water for my frog. When we got back, my frog was dead. Oh crap. Then I found my computer had a fatal error. So I rebooted the system and stregnthended my firewall. Then I setup a secondary protection system and rerouted the virus back to its sender. Now here I am, typing my life away...

pikmin dude
Dec 03, 10 9:48am
Lates episode: Luigi's manion part 5
pikmin dude
Dec 02, 10 7:07am
'S Latest LP episode: Luigi's mansion part 1
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Nov 28, 10 1:12pm

I require some... Let's just say, assistance. Just sign up by telling me your user name, then ill PM you your first....hmmmmm, task.
I need help as soon as possible.

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Nov 26, 10 7:58am

Over the past couple months, I've been creating various banners, stamps, neohome images, and...

pikmin dude
Nov 15, 10 1:31am
I Keel you!
pikmin dude
Nov 11, 10 12:24pm
Like, loves his girlfriend!
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Nov 08, 10 5:28am

Today, I woke up, but I couldn't really do all of the things I needed to. Then during first period...

pikmin dude
Nov 08, 10 1:02am
Livin' in a van down by the river!
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Nov 06, 10 11:10pm

This game of the week is super Mario world for the snes. I'll post my review on my blog soon.

Look for it ( the Mario game) on eBay, because if you have a snes but NOT this game, your missing out on something great.

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pikmin dude blogged
Oct 20, 10 3:52am

Yeah! I'm back! And say hello to my little........question?
"what color is the base of yoshis shell?"

Next one to get it right, gets the point, yadda yadda yadda.

pikmin dude
Oct 19, 10 10:53am
100 posts! Yeah! I'm not a noob!
pikmin dude
Oct 17, 10 2:16pm
Is making video 30 second reviews of games.
pikmin dude
Oct 13, 10 3:57am
Is working on landing a perfect Casper flip
pikmin dude
Oct 09, 10 12:38pm
Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Homepage!
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