My friends

The Rock 13: Cool person to talk to when he talk to me

Snoopymaster: Cool person and a great mod

Swampert_X: Awsome friend we bear'll talk

Monkeyboy10: The greatest person i know and love to talk to him, he's the best friend i have here and the coolest. he's my ex neo-husband. He left neo, He came back YAY!!!!! he also my new neo-bro

Kylermax: Good person and enjoy talking to him

Dark Arcanine: He is the best friend and the best and sweetest neo-son there is

Followboy10: A very nice person i enjoy talking to him,my neo-bro

Sleepingninetails: He a good rper, i enjoy talking to him. He was my first neo-son, he left neo, he well be missed so much

Spirit walker: He a good rper we are in alot of rp toghter he is my neo-bro

prince of ice: We are in a few rps and he's good also my neo-bro

Bluepikky24: A good person to talk to and a good rper and also my neo-husband and glad he is

Empoleon1996: She is a good friend and a great mom

ty_kingdom247/Vollando: One of my other good friends i enjoy talking to him. He also my Neo-couson

Subaru7: He a good friend and a good rper, we are in rps together. He is also my neo-son

The rest of my friends you are good to talk to so don't feel bad if your not on the list up there i know them more


Neo-mom: Empoleon1996

Neo- dad: Beelzeboss

Neo-Wife: Pikachu_2006

Neo-Husband: Bluepkky24

Neo-Dad in law:

Neo-Mom in law:
Aurora Angel

Dark Arcanine



Neo-Daughter in law

Neo-son in-law

The rock 13
blaze dragon 1993
Crystal Creation
prince of ice
Spirit walker
Yoshi Rider
Hotshot Shadow
Kingdra Follower 15

Neo-sis in law

Neo-bro in law
Yoshi FN

Yoshi egg



Dr Eggman Chao


The Rakoonator
Danny Pickle
Entei Luver/Metallic

Best neofriends

prince of ice

Spirit walker

Danny Pickle

Dark Arcanine

The rock 13










Title: Pika, Pika, Pikachu!
Pika, Pika, Pikachu! Do you know how much we all love you? Those cute red cheeks and pointy ears, For Pikachu we all give a cheer! Pika here, and Pika there! Pika, Pika everywhere! There's just one more thing that I can say: PIKA-POWER ALL THE WAY!!!

Title: Pikachu's the Best!
Of all the Pokémon, big and small, Pikachu, you rule them all! I like Psyduck, and Butterfree too But they're not as cool as Pikachu! Pika-Pika, it's you I choose! It doesn't matter what battle you lose! Charmander's cool, and so is Togepy But no one's better than Pika-pi!
By :

Title: I have to Catch a Pikachu!
Catch a Pikachu is what I gotta do, Another Sandshrew just won't do. My Voltorb just fainted, my Pidgey isn't suitable. I send out my Bulbasaur who does just enough damage. I use my last pokeball. . . Yes! I caught a Pikachu, I did what I had to do, The best I could do.
By :

Title: Pika Who?
Pika pika wonder who, Black and yellow, It's Pikachu! Cute it is, But be careful, It can be sad and can be cheerful And if it's mad or angry It's gonna be a sight For Pikachu gives of electricity with a lot of light Pika pika pikachu, I love him And I hope you do too!
By :

Title: Pika Doll
Little cuddly Pikachu doll, Will you ever cease to warm my heart? You know only three syllables, Pika pika Pikachu! But every time you speak them, You send a fuzzy feeling inside, With your rosy red dimples, Three brown stripes, And cute yellow fur, Who wouldn't love... That denki nezumi.
By :

Title: I have a Pokemon Called Pikachu
I have a Pokemon named Pikachu his evolution is Raichu. He laughs, plays and writes poems about ketchup and corn. But he never wrote a Haiku. His yellow fur and lightling tail are all so very cute. But his big red cheeks and his trademark call are all the same to remember. When you say his fantastic catchy name Pikachu.
By :

Title: Pika's The Best!
Pikachu is the best Slightly better than the rest 150 Pokemon, all so bold Pikachu will never grow old Electric tail, with which he'll squeak ya He has the best voice when he says Pika-pika Red or blue they're both the same In each one Pikachu will dominate the game With this one at you side You will dominate, not slip and slide This Pokemon is strong and fast Pika power is the best!
By :

Title: I Love my Pikachu
Pikachu how we love you I know our love is true Keeping you all to myself Always playing in good health Can't keep my eyes of off you How did I know you were true U and I together forever.
By :

Title: My Friend Pikachu
One night it was cloudy and rainy, A little Pikachu was deeply sleepy, His tail lit up the the nice sky, This lighting maker was always shy, And then the rain went away, He went to sleep a sleepy way, So make friends with a Pikachu, And he will be your best friend too.
By :

Title: Haiku 1
Stay with me, my friendly one To a land of Dreams Where Pain is vanquished by Joy

Title: Haiku 2
Fear runs away from your face Creature of Laughter: Make me show my bravery!

Title: Haiku 3
O Pikachu, Pikachu How else can I live? Without your great friendliness?
By :

Title: Pokemon Are...
Pokemons are curious Pokemons are kind Pokemons can get into mischief sometimes You'll have a pokedex and you have some Pokeballs Pokemons scratch and bite and run Playing with Pokemon is a lot of fun PikachuÂ?s the electric one Squirtle is the water one Charmander is a fire one and breaths fire like a dragon But Pokemons are not like Bill Sykes or Mr Fagen Bulbasaur, Squirtel, Charmander too My favorite one is Pikachu!
By :

Title: The One, the Only, Pikachu!
When searching 'round that bush... And you trip and fall on your tush... and there is no one around... not a soul to be found... no-one except Pikachu! Pikachu! Pikachu! He's cute, he's cuddly, he's fun! Pikachu! Pikachu! he is the greatest one! (of the pokemon of course) He can jump, he can play, he can ZAP, and he can fray He will beat all the rest!, he is the only one, Pikachu!
By :

Title: Ash's Special Pokemon
There once was a Kid Named Ash, He always used to run and Dash, Until the Day before he was ten, He always used Dream about being a pokemon trainer back then, He loved Pokemon so much, But never got to touch, Until he was ten, He got to be then, The age to be a trainer, He wondered what moves it would have maybe the Attack Drainer, He Could not wait, But then he was late, And there was none, not even one, Till he got a Special One, Which was the one that could turn you well done, Pikachu was his name, and he was not lame.
By :

The sad pikachu

Pika PIkachu chu hcu Pipipipipkachu
PikachuPIka pikapiakpiak
P-I-K-A-C-H-U pika pikachupikachu
pikapika pi pi pika
Bunery bun bun bunery bun :'(
PIPLUP pip pip luplup
BUNERY??????????? BUn bunbunubnubnbubn
Pikachu piika pika
Jiggly? Jigglypuff!
Jiiiiggg liiii puuuuf


Thanks Eridor for my sig
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